Transcription of November 1785 Re-survey: A house for Capn. George Ord situate on the left side of Front Street continue'd in the district of Southwark where he dwells 16 feet front 25 ft deep 3 storys high 9 inch party walls- --------------small-joint floor and most of the other work in first story new garrot rafter'd. -------------shingling about 25 years old a-way out on roof and from rails -----. The stair lafe 11 by 9 feet 2 storys high one story of open newel stairs -------The kitchen 20 by 13 feet 2 storys high 9 inch walls- ------ Gunning Bedford House...L 250 Stair Case & Kitchen...150 Resurvey of 1839: I have Resurveyed a House belonging to George Ord-situate on the west side of FRont St. No. 354- Measured by Policy No. 954. A kitchen built back of the old one 13 ft by 24 feet two stories high- g-walls- the floors of --- yellow lime- plain base sound-single mouldings- mantle shelf fireplace with doors in the kitchen- & a bread closet in the 2 story ---8 by 10 outside shutters to the house story only- shed roof plain eave tin gutter and wooden ---...the old kitchen is now a dining room. (These surveys are very difficult to deciper. A "----" indicates printed word was unable to be read)

This listing was found after research of fire insurance maps depicted 784 South Front Street as being a Chinese Laundry in 1905. The site usage has transformed from primarily residential to a business. The City Directory is courtesy of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
1785 and 1839 Survey of 784 S. Front Street
1764 Survey of 784-86 S. Front Street and 1825 Survey of 786 S. Front Street
1905 City Directory listing 784 S. Front St. as a Chinese Laundry
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Survey of Oct 18th, 1764:

Three houses situate on the west side of front continue'd in the district of Southwark, and near Catherine joining each other - Belonging to William Fleming. The Northermost house, 16 feet front includingan 3 ft aley, 25 ft back, 3 storys high, 9 inch walls, 2 Rooms on a floor, plaster'd pertisions, board newel stairs, garet plaster'd chimney Brests in each story, away out on roof & iron Rails, outside painted, a panthouse in front, quite new battlements 9 inches above the Roof (Description of #784)

One other house, 13 feet 9 inches front, in every other Respect the same as the above, except the aley (Description of #786)

Surveyed by Gunning Bedford