Buck Hotel Chain of Title

Source: Fairmount Park Commission Land Titles for Flat Iron Park, City Archives (Box A967).




6 & 7 Oct. 1708

Deeds of Lease and Release

William Penn the Elder and William Penn of London Gentleman son and heir apparent

Henry Gouldney, Joshua Gee, Silvanus Grove, John Woods, Thomas Callowhill, Tho. Oade, Jeffery Pendell, John Field and Tho. Cuppage

10 Nov 1711


William Penn, Henry Gouldney et. al.

Edward Shippen, Richard Hill, Isaac Norris, James Logan et. al.

10 July 1718


Richard Hill, Isaac Norris and James Logan

Jonathan Dickinson

(part of the Manor of Springetsbury)

8 May 1722


Jonathan Dickinson registered at Philadelphia whereby he gave and devised to his Son the plantation called the Vineyard (between the Wissahiccon Road and River Schuylkill and as far north as Andrew Robeson’Äôs mill)

John Dickenson [his son]

25 March 1729


John Dickenson devising the Vineyard farm to his sister Mary ’Äì Remainder to her Husband Francis Jones ’Äì Registered in the Island of Jamaica and intended to be registered at Philadelphia

Farm to Sister Mary, remainder to her husband Francis Jones


Francis Jones

Sommerset Jones, his eldest brother then living

9 May 1751

Sommerset Jones

Robert Jones

Registered in the Island of Jamaica and intended to be registered at Philadelphia

15 & 16 July 1768

Deeds of Lease and Release

Robert Jones

Tench Francis

17 July 1770

Tench Francis and his wife

Robert Morris

Plan of Vineyards

11 Dec. 1797

Penrose Sheriff’Ķsold on a Mortgage to the Pennsylvania Insurance Company as the property of Robert Morris

Joseph Ball and Standish Ford

15 March 1800

Standish Ford

Joseph Ball for Lots No. 9 & 10 by Lambourner and numbered 30 & 31 by Reading Howell and for lots No. 5 to 19 inclusive, by Howell.¬Ý Containing about 80 acres being Balls share

11 March 1822

Sarah Ball & Samuel Richards, Administrators of the Estate of Joseph Ball deceased

George Wentling

11 March 1822

George Wentling and Wife

Pasquali Luciani for lot marked in the following plan with the letter B

16 July 1823

Pascal Luciani and wife

Joseph Olivieri for lot marked B

21 Jan 1824

Deed of Trust

Joseph Olivieri

Pascal Luciani for lot marked B

8 June 1826

George Wentling and wife

Pasquali Luciani in trust for lot marked A

15 Aug 1828

George Wentling and wife

Pasquali Luciani for lot marked A

21 Oct 1829

Pasquali Luciani Trustee as aforesaid and Rosanna Luciani Wife of the said Pasquali Luciani

Lewis Davis in fee for both lots A & B Reserving thereout unto the said P. Luciani trustee as aforesaid A yearly rent charge of $500

10 April 1833

Lewis Davis & Wife

Pasquali Luciani [names possibly switched here?]’ĶGround Rent of $500 Whereafter the ground rent became merged in the fee therof¬Ý recorded in Deed Book.

31 Jan. 1834

Pasquali Luciani

Thomas Reves Jr.

In fee for a stone [building?] known as the Four Nations Hotel and lot of ground situate at the North West corner of Coates Street and Minor Street in the late(?) District of Spring Garden in the City of Philadelphia Containing in front on Coates Street 105 feet and depth parallel north Minor Street 120 feet more or less

4 April 1840


Thomas Reeves Jr.

Hannah S. Reeves, Benjamin Reeves and Eli K. Price

23 Sept. 1856

Eli K. Price

Nathaniel Randolph and Hiram Miller

21 Aug 1858

Nathaniel Randolph

Eliza S. Randolph, Joseph B. Townsend and Richard Wood

Note: Eliza S. Randolph afterwards married Joseph C. Turner

27 Feb 1869

Hiram Miller and wife, Joseph C. Turner and Eliza S. his wife, Joseph B. Townsend and Richard Wood

City of Philadelphia


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