King Hotel Chain of Title

Source: Fairmount Park Commission Land Titles for West Park,
Archives (Box A971).




31 Dec 1684 Patent

The Commissioners of Property under William Penn Esq. Proprietor and Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania

William Smith’Ķcontaining 500 acres situate on the West bank of the River Schuylkill

12 Feb 1703

William Smith

George Roch in fee for said 500 acres

29 Oct 1715

George Roch

John Roch in fee for said 500 acres

17 May 1727

John Roch and Mary his wife

George Roach in fee for said 500 acres

11 Feb 1729

George Roch

Ralph Asheton in fee for said 500 acres

2 July 1750

Susannah Asheton (widow of Ralph Asheton)

James Humphreys and Susannah his wife (eldest daughter of Ralph Asheton) ’Ķ215 acres

30 Aug 1750

James Humphreys and Susannah his wife

Reese Meredith ’Ķ29 acres’Ķ(part of said 215 acres)

1 Feb 1771

Reese Meredith

Mary Masters

6 April 1775

Mary Masters

David Beveridge

24 Feb 1812


David Beveridge

Mary Beveridge

16 Sept 1820


Mary Beveridge

Her nephews George, Jeremiah and Joshua Emlen, Phebe Emlen, Dr. Samuel Emlen

21 Jan 1826

Joshua Emlen

Benjamin Jones, Richard Smith in Trust

2 Dec 1826

Benjamin Jones and Richard Smith, Assignees in Trust of the estate and effects of said Joshua Emlen, and Joshua Emlen

Samuel Emlen

25 April 1828

Dr. Samuel Emlen

Joshua Emlen

16 May 1828

Caleb Perice(?) and James Emlen appointed guardians of minor children of Dr. Samuel Emlen

17 June 1831

Petition of Caleb Perice and James Emlen’Ķ

Said real estate should be sold for the maintenance and education of said minors

15 July 1831

Widow of Dr. Samuel Emlen ’Äì

Report of Auditor confirmed and said Court ordered said Guardians to sell at Public Sale at the Merchants Coffee House in the City of Philadelphia said premises.¬Ý And the said Guardians after due public and timely notice of the time and place of sale did on Wednesday 10 Aug 1831 at the said Merchants Coffee House expose said premises to sale when Adam Everly bought the same for $11,300.¬Ý Subject to the dower of the widow of said Dr. Samuel Emlen, deceased’Ķ

Sold to Adam Everly for $11,300

1 Aug 1836

Adam Everly and wife’ĶReceiving thereout a yearly ground rent of $220 lawful silver money of the United States of America

Abraham A. King

¬Ý15 July 1847

Adam Everly and wife

Abraham A. King and Jeremiah King

16 Nov 1853

Abraham A. King

Brother Jeremiah King

27 Jan 1851


Adam Everly, devising said ground rent of $220 in the residue of his Estate

John C. Creson, Adam Everly, Isaac Elliot

16 Dec 1859

Isaac Elliot

Morris Patterson, declined.¬Ý Teorge M. Troutman and Albert S. Lelchworth(?) appointed as trustees by Orphans Court of the City of Philadelphia

1 Oct 1869


John C. Creson, Adam Everly, George M. Troutman, and Albert S. Letchworth, Trustees aforesaid (said Adam Everly acting by his Attorney ’ĶJohn C. Creson duly appointed by Letter of Attorney dated 25 Sept 1869 and intended to be recorded to Jeremiah King ’Ķextinguishing said yearly ground rent of $220.¬Ý Cons’Äôn 3666.67

Jeremiah King

1 Oct 1869

Jeremiah King and his wife, consideration $30,000

City of Philadelphia


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