Market Street 307-313
1. Portion of 1960 photo showing 309 (S. Ludwig) , 311 (S&C Trading Co.)-313 (Dick Kaufman) Market St. Photo #40360 from the Philadelphia City Archives
2. 1887 ad showing 309 -311 Market St. (Click to see alternate ad) Jane Campbell collection at the Historical Soc. of PA
3. Undated photo of 307 Market Street (Click on image to enlarge) Jane Campbell collection at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
4. Detail from Baxter's Panoramic Business Directory of Philadelphia for 1860 from Places in Time. The four central buildings are 307 - 313 Market Street.

The buildings at 307 313 Market Street are shown in the 1860 Baxter Panorama (fig. 4) and a 1905 photo (fig 5.) These five story buildings at 307-311 were replaced with two and three story structures sometime in the 1900's after the Philadelphia Rapid Transit photo was taken. The building at 309 Market Street shown in the 1960 photo (fig. 1.) appears to be the same building as shown in the Baxter directory which has either been replaced or reduced by a story in the 2005 photo.The building at 313 Market Street remains standing today and may be better seen in the page showing 313-321 Market Street.

It is interesting to note that Baxter took some liberties in depicting the building at 307 as similar to the buildings at 309 and 311. The 1905 photo (fig. 5) and the newspaper clipping (fig. 3) clearly show 307 Market Street as having different window levels and likely a lower roof than 309 and 311. The 1887 advertisement (fig. 2) was seemingly created to showcase the building at 309 -311 Market Street for sale or rental purposes and may not be as reliable in representing the surrounding buildings.

Records and photographs reveal that that these building housed ground story shops that sold dry goods and tin plate as well as tin shop services (1801 directory), hosiery, dry goods and notions (Baxters 1860) and shoes, boots and rubber boots clothing and lace shops (1918 City. All these buildings have a long history of housing retail businesses on the ground floor level since they were first constructed.

5. c.1905 Photo of 307 - 313 Market Street (Click to see larger image) Phila. Rapid Transit Photo Collection, Vol I . Historical Society of Pennsylvania
6. Photo collage of 301-307 Market Street by A. Seward, 2005