Market Street 313-321
1. 1960 Photo of 313 -317 Market Street . Photo # 40360 from the Philadelphia City Archive. (Dick Kaufman is 313, Handel & Co. is 315, Fried Locksmith is 317. A portion of 319 to the left has a small window sign for 'Vahle's Pet Shop' which is the same business shown in the 1905 photo (fig. 3)
2. Detail from Baxter's Panoramic Business Directory of Philadelphia for 1860 showing 313-321 Market Street from Places in Time.
The buildings at 313-321 Market Street are depicted as they looked in 1860 (fig.2), the early 1900's (fig.3) and in 2005 (fig.4). All of the buildings shown in this portion of the 1860 Baxter Panorama still exist today except for the building at 321 Market Street.

The 1801 directory lists owners names with designations such as Mcht. (merchant), Mfgr. (manufacturer), or Shop. By 1918 the Directory designates all of the buildings as retail establishments selling shoes, wall papers, clothing, and pets. Retail has remained the prevalent use of these buildings as seen in both the 1960 photo (1) and the 2005 photo (5). It is interesting to note that signs at 319 advertise Vahle's Pet shop both in the c. 1905 photo (fig. 3 - see link to larger photo) and the 1960 photo (fig.1)

4. 313-319 Market Street in 2005. Photo by J. Spector

Signs at the first story cornice line (figs. 1,2,3 &4) have remained a prominent way of advertising since Baxter published his panoramas through the present day. A closer look at the roofline in Baxter's Panorama and in photograph 3 show an array of signs that serve not only to advertise but also to screen once-functioning dormer windows while serving as an architectural folly, giving a distinctive flourish to the buildings. These signs lent the buildings a fashionable Victorian update at minimal cost. By 1960 (fig.1) the roofline signs have disappeared and today (fig. 4) the buildings likely resemble their late 18th century/ early 19th century appearance when the upper stories where used as living or working spaces.

3. c.1905 Photo showing portion of 313 Market (to right) and facades of 315-319 Market Street. (Click on image to see a larger photo) From Phila. Rapid Transit Photo Collection, Vol I archived at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.