The Evolution of Streetscapes as seen through Philadelphia's Public Record
Baxter's Panoramic Business Directory of Philadelphia for 1859 showing the first block of N. 3rd Street (West side)
Baxter's Business Directory of Philadelphia for 1860 showing the 300 block of Market Street (North side)

Baxter’Äôs Panoramic Business Directories of Philadelphia were created to promote the businesses that existed on the west and north sides of Third and Market Streets around 1860. They reveal a mix of three to five story attached buildings with retail operations at street level selling dry goods ranging from saddles to parasols.

Among Philadelphia’Äôs public record archives are maps, etchings, legal documents, photographs and newspaper clippings that refer to these streetscapes. By collecting such documents and arranging them chronologically and by location a picture of the conditions that gave rise to these buildings and businesses begins to emerge. We present this information in the frames of both time and place and invite the visitor to investigate these streetscapes over time by clicking on the linked text and graphics throughout the site or by navigating through the toolbar to the left of each page.

This website was created for educational and research purposes for a graduate class in Historic Documentation presented at the University of Pennsylvania. We hope visitors find N.3rd & Market a unique¬Ýpiece of Philadelphia and use the information presented here to make sound decisions about the future of these streets.

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