Time Evolution
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1600 1850

1851 1900

1901 1950

1951 2005

1709 First notice of permanent market houses on High (now Market) Street appears in City Council minutes (Watson v.1 ch.38)

1759 Market sheds set in the middle of High Street extend west to 3rd Street.(Jackson)

1785 The first "City Directory" is printed on the 300 Block of High Street, the center of the city's publishing trade.(Jackson)

1786 Philadelphia Wardens declare, "custom and long usage have fixed High street as the most eligible and central place for the market place..."(Jackson)

1799 Market sheds stretch to 4th Street (Holt)

1838 High Street Railroad was built from Broad Street east to 3rd Street. (Jackson)

1854 Philadelphia consolidates surrounding municipalities and incorporates Delaware River Railroad linking Market Street to the communities from Southwark to Frankford(Jackson).

1859 City dismantles market sheds (Reading Terminal Market)

1876 Freight tracks removed from Market Street , passenger tracks remain.(Jackson)

1880 Philadelphia's leading industry is clothing and textiles (40%) with the manufacturing of hardware (7%) , footware (5%) and paper and printing (4%) the next biggest categories (Adams)

1905 Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company begins submitting plans for Market Street subway/elevated line (Phila. Archives)

1908 Market Street Subway line extended from 15th Street to 2nd Street (SEPTA)

1937 Philadelphia City Planning Commision proposes and elevated highway above Delaware Avenue through Center City Philadelphia which eventually becomes I-95. (Phillyroads)

1950 Philadelphia 's population begins to decline (Adams et. al.)

195o's Entire blocks of buildings are torn down between 300 and 800 Market Street to make way for Independence Mall. (Holt)

1960 More than half of the Philadelphia region's residents live in the suburbs (Adams et. al.)

1974 Old City Civic Association incorporated (OCCA)

2004 Old City District, encompassing 3rd & Market Streets is first business improvment diststrict in Philadelphia to recieve a Townie award(OCD)

2005 Franklin Fair and Market place is held on Market Street between 3rd & 4th Streets (OCD)