Fire Insurance Survey

This Insurance Survey was completed around the time that the last lots of what was once Adam Everlys estate were being built upon. Although steeped in insurance trade language, and focusing on fire hazards (such as the gas lighting fixtures) and items potentially expensive to replace (such as windows and decorated doors and jambs), the survey nonetheless gives a feel for the house. In all likelihood, it was surrounded by dozens of identical or nearly identical such houses, both on and beyond the land that was once owned by Adam Everly. On the outside of the survey packet, we are informed that the house in insured for $3,000, a modest but comfortable home for a middle class family.

Question marks denote words whose transcription is in doubt.

Perpetual Survey No. 71878

Made Oct 9th 1893 for Samuel Shoemaker

And reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia

A Three story stone dwelling (the front and St. side being buff colored bricks) situate on the Northeast corner of North Thirty Third and Haverford Sts. No 601 in the 24th Ward of the City of Philadelphia, Dimensions 16 ft front by 60 ft deep. Brownstone steps and platform to side front door marble steps to store doors and folding cellar doors on St side with marble cheeks and sill. Reveal window frames to front and St side with brownstone sills and heads and inside shutters to them. Cased window frames back to first and third stories outside panel shutters to first blinds to third story sash all double hung. Stemlock joist yellow pine flooring building plastered gas pipes throughout and a portable heater in the cellar.

The first story is divided as shown on sketch. The store has an iron column under the front corner and a corner doorway with a transom filled in with leaden sash and colored glass and folding stone doors with 2 lights of 18 + 54 sash in them, an angle end bulk window in each front having 1 light of 82 + 80 sash in front 1 light of 33 +80 dg in angle end and 1 light 7 x 80 in narrow end. A transom over each light similar to transom over doors, and penteave bulk (?) cornice covered with metallic shingles. A 2 light 26 x 34 window in the side and a sash door in 1 light of 22 x 32 leaden sash and ornamental glass. The entry has a square head front doorframe with a transom in 1 light of glass and folding sash chestnut front doors having 2 lights of 14 x 42 beveled glass in them. A vestibule in the entry with a tiled floor glazed tile on the sides 3 ft 9 in high and a square head doorway with a transom in 1 light of glass and folding sash doors the same as front except they have leaden sash and colored glass in them, doorway and doors all chestnut. Newel and rail stairs to third story with close strung square newels, molded rail and turned banisters, staircase all oak except steps and trusses in second storey which are yellow pine. The Dining room has 2-2 light 26 + 34 windows, a closet under the stairway with folding sash doors having lights of 19+32 glass in the a sash door to entry having one light of 24+34 leaden sash and ornamental glass in it. A neat hard wood mantel with a glazed tile fireboard and mirror and cabinet on it, and stucco cornice and centre. Work in store entry and dining room all timed with 5 in finished with corner blocks, 9 in sub and molded washboard and all finished with chestnut. The kitchen has a plan back doorframe panel door. A 2 light 26+34 window in the side a 4 light 13+30 dg back steps to the cellar under the stairway 4 in finish with corner blocks a 6/4 double faced passage 5/4 dg cellar door wainscoted 4 ft high with planed and beaded oak boards a dresser with drawers and panel doors a portable range and galvanized cast iron sick, kitchen finished with white pine story 10 ft.

The second story is divided into two rooms over the store a bath room over the entry and a room over the kitchen and dining room and entry and stairway off the side of middle rooms. The front room has 2-2 lights 26+34 windows front a d neat recessed walnut washstand with marble top and a basin a neat trim walnut wardrobe with beveled mirror doors and a 6/4 double faced passage door the room adjoining front room has a square frame bay in the side with 5-2 lights 26 + 34 windows in the top sash being filled with leaden sash and ornamental glass inside shutters to them. A neat cherry mirror and cabinet mantel with a glazed tile fireboard, stucco cornice and centre and 6/4 double faced sliding doors. The bath room has a 2 light 26 + 34 leaden sash and ornamental glass window wainscoted 4 ft high with planed and beaded oak boards a 6/4 double faced passage door a small closet with a mirror door a marble wash tray. A water closet a copper bath tub hot and cold water. The back room is the Sitting room and has 2 light 26 + 32 window in the side a square frame bay on the rear with 3-2 light 26 + 34 windows. The same as windows in side bay in it inside shutters to them a closed with a 5/4 double faced door folding sash doors front having 2 lights of 13 +3 8 leaden sash and ornamental glass in them a fireplace and grate with glazed tile facing and hearth a neat hard wood mirror and cabinet mantel and stucco cornice and centre. Work all trimmed with 5 in finish with corner blocks 9 in sub and bolded washboard a transom in 1 light of glass over front and bathroom doors. All finished with poplar. Story 10 ft. The side bay is paneled underneath enclosed with shingles plain pilasters to the windows wood cornice sinkels and tin roof. The rear bay is lined underneath with fencing enclosed with the same and paneled a tin roof.

The third story is divided into four rooms, entry and stairway. Off the side of middle rooms 2-2 lights 26 + 34 windows front 4 in St side and 2-4 light 13 + 30 dg back a neat hard wood wardrobe in front room a closet in each back room 4 in finished with corner blocks in molded washboard. 6/4 and 5/4 double faces doors a transom in 1 light of glass over entry doors and story 9ft finished with white pine, a flat tin roof brick and neat sheet mental cornice to each front and brick pilasters and sheet metal finials, and galvanized iron conductor and fascia board back.

A shed on the rear 5 ft wide having a yellow pine floor, sheathed with fencing and a tin roof.

Samuel Hillman Surveyor.

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