Franklin Fire Insurance Policy

The survey covers two buildings, a dwelling and a kitchen. They are both described as being near what would later be called the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Thirty-Second Street, on a farm belonging to Corleis, but only the dwelling is described in detail. It is not likely that this survey pertains to the building depicted in Taylors watercolor, unless a great deal of alteration occurred on the property in the seven years between the survey and Taylors sketch. The survey describes a building of two stories with two rooms on each story, and one window opening onto the front (Ridge Avenue) in each room; the door is described as in the middle and this gives an image of symmetry which is absent from the building depicted by Taylor. There is also one fireplace in each room, which most likely would have shared a single chimney; even if they were each provided for separately, there would be only two chimneys for the four rooms. In the 1861 sketch, the building is asymmetrical, and entered from the end, where a woman stands in the doorway. There are two windows on one side of the second story and one in the other, and three chimneys rise above it. However, the back of the building is not visible in the Taylor sketch, and the survey floor plans depict (but the survey does not describe) the insured as being attached to another building, which is not covered by the same policy. It may be that Corleis insured an addition on his main farmhouse, and that is that record which survives, the text of which is below.

Question marks denote words whose transcription is in doubt.

Franklin Fire Insurance Policy 20300-01


Dated March 29th 1854


Samuel Fisher Corleis

A two storey Brick dwelling house and two story brick kitchen (all rough cast on the outside) situate on his farm on the Easterly side of the Ridge Turnpike Road near to and South of Dauphin Street in North Penn Philadelphia $1000 Insured.

Dimensions 34 ft front 19ft 6 in deep. Kitchen of 14 or 15 ft deep Oak front, yellow pine floorboards, buildings all plastered. Scanting under frames panel shutters first story and Venetian blinds to second story

The first story is in 2 rooms with Entry through the centre a square door pane (?) with panel door and one window back and a window in each salle (?) each, a side cupboard with dens and a wood mantel in each room. Moldings surlace(?) and Washboard panel doors 9 ft story, A Height of Menell stairs in the entry with timed menell host square balusters and close string a height of cellar steps also.

The second story is in two rooms and entry the same as the first story 5 light 8/10 windows front and 1 in the back, side closet and wood mantel in each room. Surlace (?) and Washboard and Moldings, panel doors 8 ft story. Stairs panel the same.

The garret is in 2 rooms with entry beneath a 12 lights 8/10 dormer window part (?) in each room and 6 lights window in each gable end colute(?) pine floorboards south plastered, Donell (?) broken pitch roof trap door Hadder (?), cedar shingles, In (a line illegible).

The kitchen first story has 2 door frames with panel doors and a 20 light 8/10 window, dresser with dens, mantel shelf, sunchase (?) and washboard, panel doors 8 ft story.

The second story has 2-15 lights 8/10 windows, panel doors and mantel and side closet, moldings, sunchase (?) 2 ft 10 entry, single pitch roof cedar shingles and (three words illegible).

A frame washhouse at the end 11 ft 6 in deep planed landing (5 words illegible) stoup to it.


Also a stone barn situate on the same farm.

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