The corner of Market and Fourth Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has undergone a major transformation when compared to the 1880 Baxter Panoramic Business Directory Images. A visual snapshot, these images are a clear reflection of the times in terms of economics, social context, and architectural history. Because the evolution of a city is intrinsically related to its history and planning, the comprehensive development of Philadelphias streets may serve as a cognizant reflection of the citys development.
This project was created for a Documentation course in the Historic Preservation Department at the University of Pennsylvania. This website is for educational purposes.
From HABS PA 1408-1
From HABS PA 1445
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Author's Photo
Through our research, we located information about several buildings on Market between 4th and 5th streets and 4th between Market and Arch streets.
To find more information about these buildings, simply click on those buildings noted in the images below:

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