Year Event
1682 Thomas Holme drew up city plan (High Street is the present Market Street, and designed to be the main thoroughfare of the city, running East-West between the Delaware & Schuylkill Rivers). Twenty numbered streets run North-South.

Fourth Street is considered western edge of city; unpaved; wooded

1740 University of Pennsylvanias first campus established (The Academy & The Charity School)
1745 New Market built, consisting of market sheds in the middle of Market Street
1759 Additions to the New Market are built
1773 City Council reviews and passes a proposal for a market shed to extend from Third To Fourth Streets. Local outcry halts development.

Smith Provost House

1786 Assembly gave the city property wardens the power to extend the market sheds
1801 Penns campus moves to 9th & Chestnut, but continues to own two buildings
1810 Market sheds are built and extend from 4th-6th Streets
1837 Washington Hotel designed by William Strickland
1854 Consolidation of the city; city street names changed. High becomes Market Street, Paradise Alley becomes Leithgow Street
1859 Pennsylvania Railroad builds its track through Market Street. Shortly after, the market sheds are demolished
1887 Penn sells its remaining two buildings on Fourth Street.
1907 Philadelphias first below-ground mass transit is built, located on Market Street
1950's Until this point, 4th street serves as a commercial/retail area
1963 December 31st, Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area Covenant instated. Fourth & Market falls under Unit #3
1961-1972 Louis I. Kahn designs the un-built Mikveh Israel Synagogue, paired with landscape architect, Harriet Pattison
1966 Merchants Hotel destroyed by fire

Smith Provost House torn down.

-February 16th, former Commerce Street stricken and vacated from city plan but retained as pedestrian walkway and right of way for gas purposes; -Leithgow Street stricken and vacated from city plan

-May 14th, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia purchases the land where Wachovia Bank stands today
1970's Much of 4th Street torn down and redeveloped into present-day Fourth Street
1963-1975 Mikveh Israel Synagogue designed and built by Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson (designed University of Pennsylvanias Van Pelt Library, and the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston)
1976 Mikveh Israel Synagogue moves to present location on Independence Mall
2013 On December 31st The Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area Covenant expires

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