看看看看看看看 Grantor看看看 Grantee
4/16/1753 Jonathan Price, carpenter

A lot sits on Mulberry Street看看看(later called Arch St.) containing 54蘗 on Mulberry and in depth 35蘗. Bounded E by 4th St. N. by Mulberry St. and other lots

Francis Alison, gentleman
7/14/1753 Francis Alison Above described lot

Trustees of the Academy and看看Charitable School in the province of PA. For 5 shillings and the yearly rent of 看ロ37


The Provost house was erected for Reverend William Smith, the head of theCollege. James Logan and other were created trustees of the Academy and Charitable School of the Province of PA


Title has been changed to Trustees of the University of PA.(Information copied from records at Commonwealth Land Title Co., 1220 Sansom St.-brief of title for 416 Mulberry Street)

4/5/1803 The Trustees of the University of看看Pennsylvania.看看看看

看蠟譯by an agreement made in writing譯did agree to sell convey to the said看Thomas W. Armat a certain messuage.蠡 Situate SW corner Mulberry & 4th看看看看看看看看看看看 看看看Sts., 38蘗 x118蘗Armat agreed to pay $8,888.88

Thomas W. Armat, merchant

Thomas W. Armat paid $1,933.61 on account of the purchase money of above premises and then died intestate leaving two children: Sarah Ann Armatt and Jane Caroline Armat to whom his estate descended.

8/30/1806 Ann Armat (administrator of estate of T.Armat)

Trustees of the University of PA

Above messuage and lot For $1,933.61 & further sum of $6,955.27
5/1/1818 Sarah Ann Armat, singlewoman 看 part of above premises

Thomas Armat, CatherineLeger看看看看看看看看 看看看 看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看看

(later Prentiss), wife of Nicholas

9/25/1823 Jane Caroline Armat,Sarah Ann Armat, Catherine Prentiss and T.Armat (trustee of the estate of Sarah Ann Armat) Above messuage 38蘗 x 118蘗 Josiah W. Gibbs, merchant for $5,500.00 to Jane Caroline Armat (1/2 part of above premesis) and $5,500.00 to Sarah Ann for her half.
6/24/1831 Josiah W. Gibbs Above messuage and lot看看看(SW corner 4th & Arch Sts,76 N. 4th or 400 Arch St.)看看看看看看看

James S. Davis, merchant for $20,800.00

1/1/1842 James S. Davis, merchant Julia B h/w Brick messuage & lot 38蘗x 100蘗 Edward E. Eyre, merchant Washington J. Landell, merchant For $18,800.00 & mortgage for $15,000.00
7/1/1973 Washington J. Landell Edward E. Eyre
11/18/1876 Edward E. Eyre, Rene Guillon Alfred R. Potter, Assignees Washington J. Landell
12/1/1876 Washington J. Landel Robert K. Mcneely
6/6/1912 Robert K. McNeely Jane P. h/w Harry G. Michener
2/11/1919 Richard S. McKinley (succeeding trustee under deed of Robert K. McNeeley & Jane P. h/w of 1st part ) The Bank of North America,

Harry Crawford, surviving executor of will of Charles W. McNeeley, dec蘗d,

Harry A. Crawford & Elizabeth P. h/w, Rachel C. Davis & The McNeely Co.

Robert K. McNeeley

11/28/1919 Robert K. McNeely, Jane P. h/w

E.Stanley Perkins, C. Wilson McNeely, trading, As Perkins & McNeely

8/1/1923 E.Stanley Perkins, Marie S. h/w 1st part E. Stanley, Perkins & C.Wilson McNeeley, Trading as Perkins & McNeeley

C.Wilson McNeely

12/6/1923 C.Wilson NcNeely, Frances J. h/w

McNeely Company, Inc.

5/29/1923 McNeely Company

McNeely Company, Inc.

9/3/1941 Allied Kid Co. Bessie Miller
9/3/1941 Bessie Miller Ideal Shoe Co.
1970 The Building is demolished

Historical Commission of Philadelphia (400 Arch Street)

Free Library of Philadelphia, Map room


The building that stood on the corner of 4th and Arch Streets came to be known as the Smith Provost house for the Reverend William Smith.看 He occupied the building during his years as Provost for the school that would ultimately become the University of Pennsylvania.看 The building was forgotten about for years after the University moved to another location but an article in The Daily Pennsylvanian from March 3, 1960 cites the rediscovery of the Provost House and other original University buildings. 看While planning for redevelopment of the area was already under way in the early sixties the renewed interest in the original University buildings caused minor debate over whether or not they should remain intact.看 看Ultimately a decision was made that the Provost House and the dormitory building看 on 4th Street were not significant enough to save, and were torn down in 1970 to make way for a Holiday Inn and a parking lot.看 The table below shows the chain of title for the Smith Provost house as it changed hands over the years.

The Provost House, The Daily Pennsylvanian, March 3, 1960, Historical Commission