Present Day images of 200 block of S.Second St.
1861 Hexamer map
Two images of 254 S. Second St, March 1914
Taylor Watercolor #29, 254 S. Second St. Winthur Collection
Nicholas Waln, a prominent colonial lawyer and later a Quaker minister, was the first owner of the home at 254 2nd st. The property, shown set back from the road in the Taylor watercolor, was built sometime before 1785. According to the Jane Campbell collectionThe Waln family owned the home until 1812 when a Dr. Ely briefly resided in the home prior to the purchase of the home by Dr. Samuel McClellan. In 1862 future Union General George McClellan was born in the home. In the mid 1800's the home was used by the Southeast School. Between 1861 and 1871 the girls section of the school occupied the home. Rev. Ezra Stiles is believed to be the head of the school. The property was used for manufacturing purposes in the 1910's. In 1959 the Redevelopment Agency of Philadelphia acquired the property though condemnation. click for more
Nicholas Waln