Present day arial view of 200 block of S. Second Street
1871 Hexamer Map of the 200 block of S. Second Street
249 S. Second St, as Taylor captures it and it is depicted in the 1864 map is a store on the first level with dwelling space above. The building is constructed of brick with a shingle roof. The store was strategically located adjacent to Dock Street, as evident in 1871 Hexamer map, facilitating the receiving of goods from the port. By the time Hemamer surveys the structure in 1875 the lot has been drastically altered or completely rebuilt. These changes were most likely made by Mary J. Hall who deed research, gathered from the Philadelphia City Records Office, shows purchased the property from William Craig in 1871. Until the 1950's the property remained in the hands of private individuals. As part of the massive redevelopment of Society Hill in the middle of the twentieth century the property is demolished and becomes part of a larger residential complex. The high-rise structure, designed by modernist architect I.M. Pei still stands on the site today.
1957 view of 249 S. Second St. and adjacent buildings
Taylor watercolor, 249 S. Second St. , Winthur Collection