Frank Weise and the Redevelopment of Philadelphia


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Philadelphia Redevelopment


Camac Village







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The intent of this project is to examine the work of Frank Weise and his contribution to the redevelopment of Philadelphia in the 1960’s. Often in the form of development projects attempting to rejuvenate run down areas of the city, the modern structures attempted to integrate themselves into the neighborhood and carry on the tradition of the Philadelphia row house. Frank Weise was involved in a number of projects both single family homes and larger neighborhood developments.




The focus of this project is with the residential construction that lay just outside the boundaries of the Washington Square Redevelopment plan, in particular, Weise’s Camac Village and its historical context.

This research was carried out in partial fulfilment for HSPV 600, Documentation & Archival Research by

Annie Thorkelson

Charu Chaudhry