Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


St. Mathew AME church was founded in 1870 when ten people began worshipping in the home of Peter Kelly on Chelsea Street (now Summer Street).


The first church was built on Race Street east of 58th Street.  For seven years the church was called Peters Chapel, as an independent mission later voting to become apart of the A.U.M.P. Annual Conference in 1877.    It would be ten years before another church was built at 58th and Vine and named A.U.M.P St. Mathew Church.  Twenty six-years later in 1913 the congregation would build yet another edifice on the corner of 57th and Summer Streets.


In 1916 the congregation became indoctrinated into African Methodism.  As history would have the twenty-six year old church was too small to accommodate the growing congregation and thus another edifice was built and dedicated two years later in 1941.


Under the leadership of Mahon Lewis the church prospered spiritually, financially, and its congregation grew.  In 1949 Reverenced Lewis was reassigned to another church as it is the tradition of African Methodism that preachers are itinerant (may be moved from one church to another).  Reverend Lewis refused to move and as a consequence broke from the AME church to start an independent church, thus splitting the congregation of St. Mathew.


St. Mathew would go on to mend their broken hearts from the divesting split and build a new congregation.





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