Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Allen AME church was founded in 1873.  Mother Bethel directly sanctioned this church.  After the civil war the population of blacks increased causing a change in demographics.   The people began to move westward in the city.

Members and friends of Mother Bethel were settling in sections of South Philadelphia west of Broad Street.  There was a great need for a Sunday school teaching and Mother Bethel purchased a church on Lombard Street and the society Allen Chapel was formed to meet the needs of anyone who wanted to worship near their home.


The issue had arisen whether Allen Chapel should be annexed as part of Mother Bethel or if it should be brought into the conference as a new church.  The later was decided.


Allen AME moved to Bainbridge Street but growth forced another move to a Presbyterian church in West Philadelphia.  Redevelopment not growth caused another move to the final address of 59th Street and Larchwood Avenue.


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