Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Metropolitan AME Church was founded in 1920 by Reverend R.J. Williams former pastor of Mother Bethel AME.

 An agreement was made with Thrift Organization to purchase a church property for 50,000.00. dollars with a down payment of 3,000.00 dollars.  The church was named Thrift AME but the purchase of he church fell through because of the misrepresentation of the Thrift Organization to the AME church.  The result was catastrophic as the church lost all of its funds in the transaction.   

But a faithful member, L.N. Allen, loaned his entire savings to the church so that they could erect their own building at 725 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146.  May 1, 1921 the first service was held in the new edifice and a new name were adopted (Mt. Zion AME Church).

After much discussion the church finally settled on the name Metropolitan AME Church.


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