Insurance Records & Ownership Data

Insurance records from Mutual Assurance and the Franklin Fire Insurance Company provide extensive, if occasionally illegible record of historic structures built in 18th and 19th Century Philadelphia. In addition, the Philadelphia Historical Commission's records for Almond / Kenilworth Street often contain record of ownership and miscellaneous notes. What follows below is an excerpt from several surveys and ownership records of Almond Street properties. Together, this information provides a view to the kinds of structures built and a sense of their age and history and can provide a starting point for further research.

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DATA SOURCE: Mutual Assurance and Franklin Fire Insurance Company records for homes along Almond / Kenilworth Street.

112 Almond St. - Front built 1752-53, back built 1747-48

1752 Partition deed Richard Bayley (house carpenter) to John Bayley (goldsmith)
1755 Philadelphia Contributorship (456) (should be 457 – 2 policies issued as 456 and none for 457) cites 7-8 yrs old
1769 110-112 taken by creditors
1770 112 sold to widow Eliz. Sawer will to son Luke Thomas