I began wondering about the history of Philadelphia markets; where they were and

how they were laid out. My goal in making this site was to bring to light a hidden

part of Philadelphia's past. Being such temporal aspects to the city, and not being 

buildings, they are sides of Philadelphia’s past that have been almost erased from

memory completely. When I discovered a market at Pine and Second Streets and how

the street was widened to make room for the market. Knowing there were tangible

remains of early markets, I sought to discover where they were.

These markets were alternatives to the markets on High (Market) street, which were

too far away for most people living in neighborhoods to the north and south of High st.

to access them.  This is why they were created, to be "mini" localized versions of the

High st. market that were geared to  particular needs of the communities they served

In their day, they were regarded as necessities and often times seen as blights to the

neighborhoods due to their often unsanitary conditions. When modern storage came

along, many markets (including the ones on Market street) closed and moved into

modern market halls not unlike Reading Terminal.