The Market at Second and Coates Streets

The activity of Northern Liberties alongside the widened street.

An almost direct copy of the Pine street market, the Northern Liberties market located at what was second and Coates Streets has a head house with sheds behind it. Coincidentally, this is the third market along 2nd street, creating triad of markets giving similar services and having similar designs. The Evans watercolor below shows a the market with merely one head house behind in 1806. However, the street widening along second street indicated a second shed row was installed; without sufficient time for me to go and obtain the Hexamer maps for this market, I can only speculate that there was a northern extension of the shed not depicted in Evans’ painting or this section was added in a latter date. The GoogleEarth Map of today shows the extension of the street’s widening a block to the north.

Today, Northern Liberties is a neighborhood in rejuvenation and local businesses are setting up shop along the widened area. The wide road today acts as a parking lot, as what many other early markets’ fates would become in the modern era.

Benjerman Evans waercolor of the Market at Pine and Coates Streets in Northern Liberties in 1806. The description with the photo reads:

This is an open street scene with Patterson's Church facing on Second Street which is divided by a brick market shed. There is a weathervane atop the shed. In addition to the gas street light, there are numerous hitching posts. A work wagon is leaving the scene to the right. There are three male pedestrians. The trunks of the sapling trees in leaf at curbside are protected by green boxes.

The photo can be obtained at the Library Company of Philadelphia; Call Number: P.2298.145.