Typology of Snow's Court

Structural and Spatial description of Snow's Court.

Structural study of the alley

During the period of 1880 and 1910, 30 brick dwellings were built on the alley. The image below was created from the 1872 Map of Washington, DC by Petsen and Enthofer. Click on a colored rectangle on the map below for building information.

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Shape of the alley

The image of the block above shows that the alley has a loose H shape. It is considered a blind alley because it has only one entrance or exit and it has several areas within the the interior of the block that lead to dead ends.

The entrance into the alley is only 15 feet wide and the main corridor and its flanking corridors are about 30 feet wide.

Maps of Snow's Court

Here are several maps of the block containing Snow's Court. One can see how drastically the block changed from 1872 to 1887, and how little it seemed to change from there to 1903.

1872 Map of Washington, DC, Petsen and Enthofer 1887 Hopkins Real Estate Atlas, Hopkins 1903 Baist's Real Estate Atlas