John F. Kennedy Plaza a.k.a. Love Park
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Love Park, by D. Artigas

Plaza Name: John F. Kennedy Plaza aka Love Park

Location: bound by N 15th street, n 16th street, JFK and Ben Franklin Parkway

Year Built: 1965 complete, 1967 dedicated

Client: City of Philadelphia

Plaza Description:

JFK plaza consisted of a large fountain with a single burst of water similar to those found farther down Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Robert Indiana's famous Love Sculpture nicknamed the park "Love Park." This park would later become home to skateboarders across the nation. Eventually, the skateboarders were banned from the park; that ban is still in place today. True to their individualistic forms, Ed Bacon and Vincent Kling publicly protested this ban.

Ed Bacon skateboarding in Love Park in protest of the skateboarding ban, uncredited. Courtesy of