2013 Spruce St.; 1986- courtesy PA Historic Commission 2124 Walnut Street; 1986 courtesy PA Historic Commission 20th & Spruce Streets; 1986 PA Historic Commission 1920 Spruce St.; 1986 courtesy PA Historic Commission
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E.B. Warren
(1833 - 1917)




Ebenezer Burgess Warren was a well-known builder and an integral part of Philadelphia society at the turn of the twentieth century. Today, he is an obscure footnote in the history of the development and expansion of that city. However, by tracing the arc of E.B. Warren's career, spanning from his early days as a roofer to his more lucrative years as a builder, socialite and entrepreneur, it is possible to determine his impact on the development of Philadelphia's streetscape.

By utilizing Philadelphia's various historic documentation and research resources, it has been possible to create a pieced-together profile of E. Burgess Warren, his career, and social life. When applied in context, a sense of the bigger Philadelphia development picture comes into view. Through both fact and inference, this website intends to provide information on Ebenezer Burgess Warren's life, projects, a history of the time in which Warren was working, the impact of his work as seen in present-day, 2005 Philadelphia, and the resources used. The purpose of these categories is to create a complete and concise picture of late 19th and early 20th Philadelphia society and development so that the full scope of E.B. Warren's work and influence may be fully understood.










This project was created by Alexis Casale, Amanda Davis and Maria Dayton for Documentation: HSPV600, in the Historic Preservation graduate program at The University of Pennsylvania.