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Walnut Street

South Side of Walnut Street between 20th and 21st Streets

Photo Courtesy of PA Historical Commission 1980

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Walnut Street

On January 31, 1870, Henry C Gibson, a merchant, and his wife deeded to E. Burgess Warren, a roofer, a large plot of land onOsborne Street. Situated to the south side of Walnut Street and to the east of 22nd Street, Warren divided the land into seven contiguous lots. The four westernmost lots were 21 feet each and the three easternmost lots were 20 feet wide. All were 136 feet in depth to Osborne Street, located behind Walnut Street. Osborne Street was to be left as a passageway and water-course.

The row houses built on this land were of the Italianate and Second Empire styles. These four-story houses were constructed using brownstone and sandstone between 1850 and 1890.

According to Warren's receipt books, in 1870, work was completed at 2126 and 2124 Walnut Street for carpentry. He also had brick work done on the south 2100 block of Walnut Street.

The buidings at 2106 and 2108 Walnut Street were built in 1868 for John Rice and E.B. Warren by Furness, Fraser and Hewitt. These buildings became part of the Philadelphia Historic places', Rittenhouse Fitler Square Historic District.

Additionally, E.B. Warren built a home for Walter Lippincott, a well known publisher, in the 1870s. This Second Empire row house was located at 2101 Walnut Street.

Courtesy of:

PA Historical Society, Deed book JAH No. 5, pg 316, Warren's receipt book, Thomas, Goerge E. and Michael J. Lewis and Jeffrey A. Cohen, Frank Furness, The complete Works, New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1991, p. 148, cat. 11a.


By examining the residents of Warren's projects, it is possible to garner further insight in regards to the scale and the quality of his work.

Who are these clients, why did they move here, and what is the significance?

2101 Walnut: Walter Lippincott (Publisher)
1939 Residence: 1235 Conshocken State Road, Radnor Township

2200 Walnut Street: C.C. Pinckney Norris
1885 Residence: 426 Broad Street

It may therefore be ascertained that Burgess' clients (as well as himself), were thriving businessmen with successful practices and retail stores. As the city's center shifted westward, they relocated their residences to the 2000 block of Spruce Street to parallel the geographic reorganization of Philadelphia's center city.

Information courtesy Philadelphia City Archives, 1879, 1880, 1892 City Directories.



2106-2108 Walnut Street