Residential High-rise


Garden Court Plaza

4701 Pine Street

Philadelphia, PA


Designed as one of a pair of similar buildings on the 4700 block of Pine street, the Garden Court Plaza is a very modern building but plain.  Since a building cannot automatically be called Art Deco just by the year it was built, so this one cannot.  Mortar joints between the brick are thick and leave the building with an unpolished appearance.  Stone courses and stone details on the parapet reflect a movement towards Deco, with the classical cornice removed.  The interior of the building has geometrically arched vaults with no classical detailing, but also nothing intrinsically Deco.  There is no sculpture, relief or other applied ornament.  Bencker created this building as functional and modern but it lacks the high degree of ornament to label it Art Deco.






C/O AIA/ T-Square 1930