222 Jessup Street at Irving Street
P.8513.188 Photographer's manuscript note on verso: "I don't 'low no one no how to make no fotygraf of me nor my house." "Madam" we said "we are interested in quaint old residences and beautiful women and desire to have the camra [sic] record both." The picture was a natural sequence of this little speech. The house is not far from 10[th] and Locust Sts. - Jessup and Warnock Sts. Now I wonder how many know where Jessup and Warnock Sts. bisect." A good example of a skilled mechanics home, or as this and other 'wider spread' bread earners are now designated "the middle class of from 60 to 80 years ago." Photograph by author, 2005

222 Jessup Street at Irving Street (not Warnock Street, as Wilson described) is located within the larger block bounded by 11th and 12th Streets and Lombard and Spruce Streets.  It was in 1920 occupied, according to the census records, by James L. and Emma Barrett, African Americans, who rented the property and worked as a shipyard janitor and a private family chambermaid, respectively. Thomas Andrews from Georgia was also a lodger in this house and worked as an office building elevator operator. According to the Smith Fire Insurance Atlas of 1923 (below), the owner of the property was Bernard J. Kane. The house has since been combined with and adjoined to the house behind it.


E.V. Smith Fire Insurance Atlas, 1922, pl. 14