Lombard Row
Lombard Row, another small alley court of houses just west of 7th Street on the south side of Lombard Street, was occupied mostly by African American residents from the Southern United States (see 1920 census records). Here, an African American man and several children are shown standing in front of the entrance to the alley. The Fire Insurance Atlas from 1923 (below) shows that the Octavia Hill Association owned these properties as well as several others in the area. Created ca. 1900, the Octavia Hill Association, still active today, aims to provide comfortable housing for low- and middle-income families in less affluent neighborhoods. The properties at Lombard Row, however, have been demolished, and the alley has been replaced by continuous new housing along Lombard Street.


P.8513.88 Photographer's manuscript note on verso: Court. Lombard St. W. of 7.
E.V. Smith Fire Insurance Atlas, 1923, pl. 12