1920 Census Data            
Area, Ward, Enumeration District Address Last Name First Name Rent/Own Place of Birth Occupation
2nd and Wharton Streets, Ward 1, E.D. 7 228 Wharton Street Getson Anna Rent  Russia  
      Ester   Russia  
2nd and Wharton Streets, Ward 1, E.D. 1 1301-1305 S. 2nd Street Wagon Repair Shop        
  1307 S. 2nd Street 1 Donillo Stanley Rent Russia Salesman, grocery store
      Catharine   Russia  
      Catharine   Pennsylvania  
    Stankaitis William Boarder Russia Longshoreman, stevedore
    Bernetsky Stanley Boarder Russia Laborer, saltworks
    Zeskoskiss Frank Boarder Russia Laborer, building
  1307 S. 2nd Street 2 Pecinkonis Alex Rent Russia Elevator operator, refinery
      Rosie   Russia  
      Rosie   Pennsylvania  
  1309 S. 2nd Street Cook James A.  Rent Pennsylvania Laborer, wholesale fruit
      Emma   Pennsylvania  
      Mammie   Pennsylvania Stitcher, hat factory
  1311 S. 2nd Street          
  1313 S. 2nd Street 1 Guravitz Charles Own Russia Dealer, lumber
      Rebecca   Russia  
      Max   Pennsylvania Dealer, lumber
      Sarah   Pennsylvania Bookeeper, Tailors Trimmings
      Annie   Pennsylvania Billing clerk, Department store
      Isadore   Pennsylvania  
      Morris   Pennsylvania  
  1313 S. 2nd Street 2 Rhodeside Nathan Rent Russia Manufacturer, pants
      Dora   Pennsylvania  
      Samuel   Pennsylvania  
6th and Wharton Streets, Ward 1, E.D. 26 528 Wharton Street 1 Polici Carmen Own Italy Laborer, paint factory
      Rose   Italy  
  528 Wharton Street 2 Fazzi John Rent Italy Sizer, hat factory
      Grace   Italy  
  1301 S. 6th Street Chernoff Alexander Own Russia Plumber, store
      Sylvia   Russia  
      Morris   Russia  
      Harry   Russia  
      Rose   Russia  
      Esther   Pennsylvania  
      Sylvia   Pennsylvania  
      Goldie   Pennsylvania  
10th and Ellsworth Streets, NE, Ward 2, E.D. 67 937 Ellsworth Street Sharble Mike Rent Syria Foreman, factory
      Louisa   Syria  
      Joseph   Syria  
      Margaret   Syria  
      Mary   Syria  
      Anna   Syria  
      Charles   Syria  
      George   Syria  
      Peter   Syria  
      Helen   Syria  
      Madeline   Syria  
  935 Ellsworth Street Abraham Charles Own Syria Proprietor, restaurant
      Asy   Syria  
      Abraham Jr.   Syria  
      Albert   Syria  
      James   Syria  
      Mike   Syria  
      William   Syria  
      Joseph   Syria  
  931 Ellsworth Street, Rear 1 Daher Kenoun Rent Syria Laborer, shipyard
      Carrie   Syria  
      John   Syria  
      Lena   Syria  
      Mary   Syria  
      George   Syria  
  931 Ellsworth Street, Rear 2 Gregorio Dominick Rent Italy Laborer, factory
      Filomena   Italy  
      Elizabeth   Pennsylvania  
      Stephen   Pennsylvania  
      Angeline   Pennsylvania  
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Tony   Pennsylvania  
      Lucy   Pennsylvania  
      Salvador   Pennsylvania  
  931 Ellsworth Street, Rear 3 George Antony Rent Syria Laborer, shipyard
      Rosie   Syria  
      Antony, Jr.      
  931 Ellsworth Street, Rear 4 Saliba William Own Syria Laborer, street
      Elmos   Syria  
    Joseph Sarkis Lodger Syria Machinist, locomotive
    Mealetti Emilio Lodger Italy Laborer, street
  931 Ellsworth Street, Rear 5 Butler George Rent S. Carolina Laborer, shipyard
      Matilda   Florida  
      Creola Unfers      
  1143 S. 10th Street Varello Joseph Rent Italy Saloon keeper
  1141 S. 10th Street Kantagy Bulus Rent Syria Machinery, at home
      Mary   Syria  
  1139 S. 10th Street 1 Romans Vincent Rent Italy Tailor, store
      Millie   Italy  
  1139 S. 10th Street 2 Louria Lewis Rent Italy Barber, store
      Louisa   Italy  
Pemberton and Front Streets, Ward 4, E.D. 104 116-120 Pemberton Street 1 Nowatder Bremell Rent Poland Machinist, factory
      C[?]   Poland  
      Dorothy   Poland  
  116-120 Pemberton Street 2 Oshapiro Steven Rent Poland  
      Mary   Poland  
      Stanley   Poland Laborer, shipyard
  116-120 Pemberton Street 3 Shashenko Motchy Rent Poland Laborer, factory
      Suplain   Poland  
      Joseph   Poland  
      Mary   Poland  
      John   Poland  
      Anna   Poland  
  116-120 Pemberton Street 4 Bamklo Walter Rent Poland Laborer, factory
      Kate   Poland  
      Josie   Poland  
      Jody   Poland  
      Mo[?]   Poland  
      Edward   Poland  
  116-120 Pemberton Street 5 Bondero Andrew Rent Poland Rigger, shipyard
      Mary   Poland  
      Andrew   Poland Machinist
      Mary   Poland  
      Kate   Poland  
      Anna   Poland  
      John   Poland Operator, shipyard
      Joseph   Poland  
  116-120 Pemberton Street 6 Pasko Urick Rent Austria Laborer, shipyard
      Katherine   Austria Factory help
  116-120 Pemberton Street 7 Urbowie Mike Rent Austria Longshoreman, shipyard
      Mary   Poland  
  116-120 Pemberton Street 8 Quashezo Thomas Rent Poland Longshoreman, shipyard
      Kate   Poland  
      Walter     Factory help
2nd and Race Streets, Ward 6, E.D. 137 208 Race Street Linsay Irving Rent Maryland Contractor
      Anna   Pennsylvania  
  228 Race Street Samuslitz Samuel Rent Russia Shoemaker, own shop
      Fannie   Russia  
      Sarah   Pennsylvania Operator, shirt waist factory
      Elizabeth   Pennsylvania Operator, shirt waist factory
      Edna   Pennsylvania Office work, Cap factory
      Bessie   Pennsylvania  
      Louis    Pennsylvania Boiler maker, boiler shop
    Katz Gertrude   Pennsylvania  
      Samuel   Russia Manager, shirt waist factory
      Jacob   Pennsylvania  
      Daniel   Pennsylvania  
  230 Race Street Spuber Jenny Rent Austria Proprietress, restaurant
      Rebecca   Pennsylvania Waitress, restaurant
      Rose   Pennsylvania Stenographer, office
      Jacob   Pennsylvania Chauffeur, express t[?]
      Sarah   Pennsylvania  
    Steinberg David Boarder Russia Carpenter, carpenter shop
    Canda Stephen Boarder Hungary Machinist, scale repair
  232 Race Street 1 Dingler Lena Rent Germany Factory hand, t[?] shop
      Regina   Pennsylvania  
    Killian Kate Boarder U.S. Mill hand, hosery factory
  232 Race Street 2 Cukoski Sadie Rent Germany  
      George   New Jersey Driller, machine shop
  232 Race Street 3 Koch John Rent Poland Spinner, mill
  234 Race Street Palladini August Rent Italy Proprietor, barber shop
      Genevive   Italy  
      Nicholas   Pennsylvania Barber, barber shop
      Ralph   Pennsylvania Pattern maker, wood shop
      Julia   Pennsylvania  
  234 Race Street Rear Carrol Elizabeth Rent Pennsylvania  
  236 Race Street Schnell John F. Rent Germany Clerk, candy factory
    Hansen William Boarder Pennsylvania Blacksmith help, blacksmith shop
  238 Race Street Widmeyer(?) Elizabeth Own Germany  
      Charles A.   New Jersey Machinist, shipyard
    Ward Edward Boarder Pennsylvania Pasker(?), paint
    Allen James Boarder Scotland Waiter on ship, at sea
    Adams John Boarder Massachusetts Painter, house
  240 Race Street 1 Williams Horace Rent Pennsylvania Truckdriver, paint store
      Marie   Virginia Laundress, works out
  240 Race Street 2 Crawford Edward Rent S. Carolina Laborer, bakery
      Sarah   S. Carolina Laundress, works out
      Dorothy   S. Carolina  
    Weafall Nancy   S. Carolina Laundress, works out
  242 Race Street 1 Finn Max Rent Turkey Proprietor, grocery store
      Sarah   Lithuania  
      Samuel   Pennsylvania Nailer, box factory
      Harry   Pennsylvania Chauffeur, truck
      Louis   New Jersey Helper, wagon shop
  242 Race Street 2 Gonzalez Francisca Rent Mexico  
      Jose   Mexico Machinist, machine shop
      Louis   Mexico  
    Bayana Mary   Mexico  
      Pablo   Mexico Machinist, machine shop
  242 Race Street 3 Cozlowski Frank Rent Poland Laborer, locomotive works
      Anna   Poland  
  242 Race Street 4 Croft John Z. Rent Pennsylvania Tin roofer, works out
      Elizabeth   Pennsylvania  
  209 Race Street Rizzo Salvatore Rent Italy Barbershop, at home
      Nicasio   Italy  
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Bessie   Pennsylvania  
      Paullina   Pennsylvania  
      Paul    Pennsylvania  
      Sadie   Pennsylvania  
  209 Race Street 2+ Marchand George Rent Ohio Cigarmaker, factory
  221 Race Street Donnelly Cornelius S. Rent Pennsylvania Lodging house, at home
      Bernard   Pennsylvania Porter, at home
    Gordon James Lodger Ireland Gardner, public
    Hermes Richard Lodger Pennsylvania Laborer, wharf
    Kinsella Patrick Lodger Ireland Laborer, wharf
    Kelly Edward Lodger Pennsylvania Laborer, wharf
    Morgan Vaughn Lodger Pennsylvania Laborer, warehouse
    Wenne John Lodger Pennsylvania Stuclester
    Collins John Lodger New York Laborer, warehouse
    Wright John Lodger Pennsylvania Machinist, factory
    McDonald Patrick Lodger New York Laborer, shipyard
    Brennan Michael Lodger Ireland Plumber's help
    Jones Paul Lodger New Jersey Driver, delivery wagon
    Callahan Peter Lodger Ireland Laborer, warehouse
    McCloskey William Lodger Pennsylvania Laborer, warehouse
    Elmerman William C. Lodger Pennsylvania Steam fitter, house
  227 Race Street 1 Mozoloff Joseph Rent Russia Blacksmith, locomotives
      Mary   Russia  
      Harry   Pennsylvania Errand boy, after school
      Benjamin   Pennsylvania  
      Emma   Pennsylvania  
  227 Race Street 2 Jackson Andrew Rent Alabama Moulder, Elec house
      Carrie   Alabama  
      James   Alabama  
      Wilmer   Pennsylvania  
  229 Race Street Jackson Len Y. Rent Georgia Laborer, warehouse
      Pinkie   Georgia Washing, at home
      William S.   Georgia  
    Lawrence Clara   Georgia Operator, shirt waist factory
    Burden Dora   Georgia Servant, private family
      Hettie   Florida  
    Jackson Romeo   Pennsylvania  
  239 Race Street 1 Burk Alexander Rent Russia Laborer, factory
      Stella   Russia  
      Lena   Pennsylvania  
      John   Pennsylvania  
      Anna   Pennsylvania  
      Nadic   Pennsylvania  
      Alexander   Pennsylvania  
  239 Race Street 2  Vesoloski Louis Rent Poland Laborer, locomotive works
      Heckla   Poland  
      Helen   Pennsylvania  
      Vanda   Pennsylvania  
      Victor   Pennsylvania  
  239 Race Street 3 Kulikoski Wanda Rent Russia  
      Victor   Pennsylvania Ship fitter, shipyard
      Mary   Pennsylvania Packer, shoe factory
      Edward   Pennsylvania  
  239 Race Street 4 Lebowitz Samuel Rent Hungary Cigar maker, factory
      Dora   Hungary  
      Molly   Pennsylvania Stenographer, paint factory
  239 Race Street 2+ Mashow Michael Rent Russia Laborer
      Julia   Poland Feeder, cigar factory
      Karl   New York  
Bread Street, Ward 6, E.D. 137 150 Bread Street Williams Thomas Rent Georgia Hog carrels(?), contractor
      Margaret   S. Carolina  
      William   Georgia  
      Thomas Jr.   Georgia  
      James   Georgia  
      Clarence   Pennsylvania  
  152 Bread Street Smith John Rent Georgia Laborer, construction work
Cherry Street between Front and 2nd Streets, Ward 6, E.D. 137 109 Cherry Street O'Drain John Rent Pennsylvania City Fireman
      Anna   Pennsylvania  
  111 Cherry Street Store Catherine Rent Pennsylvania  
      Virginia   Ireland  
      Agnes   Pennsylvania  
  113 Cherry Street Cunoff Patrick Rent Pennsylvania City Fireman
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Raymond   Pennsylvania City Fireman
      Harold   Pennsylvania  
  115 Cherry Street 1 Ball Delia Rent Ireland Hand sander(?)
      Frances   Ireland  
  115 Cherry Street 2 Furon Mary Rent Ireland  
      Thomas   Ireland Stoker
    Whilin Catherine Boarder Ireland  
  117 Cherry Street Prekowitz Nickolas Rent Russia Locomotive worker
      Pauline   Ukraine  
  119 Cherry Street McCasky Joseph Rent Pennsylvania Driver
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      John   Pennsylvania  
      Michael   Pennsylvania  
      Joseph   Pennsylvania  
      Elizabeth   Pennsylvania  
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
  121 Cherry Street Gaghan William Rent Ireland Laborer
      Mary   Ireland  
      Margaret   Pennsylvania  
  123 Cherry Street Green Samuel Rent Pennsylvania Laborer, soap factory
      Thomas   Pennsylvania Clerk, department store
    White Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Frances   Pennsylvania  
      Adelaide   Pennsylvania  
      Catherin   Pennsylvania  
      Thomas   Pennsylvania  
      Lillian   Pennsylvania  
    Coleman Lillian Boarder Pennsylvania Spice packer
  125 Cherry Street Hasmon John Rent Austria Nightwatchman, garage
    Gretsky John Boarder Germany Laborer, sugarhouse
    Prahovnick Joseph Boarder Austria Fireman's help
      Stephen Boarder    
  127 Cherry Street Delange Augustus Rent Pennsylvania Policeman
      Frances   Pennsylvania  
      William   Pennsylvania Policeman
      Harry   Pennsylvania Driver
      Sherman   Pennsylvania  
      Laura   Pennsylvania  
  129 Cherry Street Ford William Rent Ireland Telephone lineman
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      James   Pennsylvania Fireman
      Marie   Pennsylvania Operator, telephone
      Thomas   Pennsylvania Telephone cableman
      Joseph   Pennsylvania Clerk
      Frances   Pennsylvania  
      Eugene   Pennsylvania  
      Vincent   Pennsylvania  
      Marie   Pennsylvania  
      Mary E.   Pennsylvania  
  131 Cherry Street Lyons John Rent Pennsylvania Policeman
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Julia   Pennsylvania Stenographer
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Margaret   Pennsylvania  
  135 Cherry Street O'Drain Harry Own Ireland Policeman
      Mattie   Pennsylvania  
      Florence   Pennsylvania  
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Harry   Pennsylvania Fireman
      Cha[?]   Pennsylvania  
      Edmund   Pennsylvania Salesman
      Eugene   Pennsylvania  
  137 Cherry Street McLaughlin Martin Own Pennsylvania Policeman
      James   Pennsylvania Laborer
      Edward   Pennsylvania  
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Kathleen   Pennsylvania  
  139 Cherry Street Burke Thomas Rent Massachussets Laborer, city
      Alice   Massachussets  
      James   Pennsylvania  
      Alice   Pennsylvania  
      Margaret   Pennsylvania  
  138 Cherry Street 1 O'Drain Howard Rent Pennsylvania Fireman
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
      Howard, Jr.   Pennsylvania  
  138 Cherry Street 2 Lugear Moses A. Rent Russia Proprietor, junk shop
      Rebecca   Russia  
  138 Cherry Street 3 Cunnoff Vincent Rent Ireland Policeman
      Rosalin   Ireland  
      Vincent, Jr.   Pennsylvania  
      Rosalin   Pennsylvania  
  136 Cherry Street DePrano Salvatore Rent Italy Fruit stand keeper
      Adelaide   Italy  
  134 Cherry Street Hemmule Mary Rent Ireland Wrapper, tea shop
      Gertrude   Ireland Chief operator, telephone
  132 Cherry Street Bolger Edward Own Pennsylvania [?]
      Mary   Pennsylvania Hand, leather factory
    O'Brian Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Marion   Pennsylvania  
  130 Cherry Street Callahan Thomas Rent Ireland Foreman, stable
      Elizabeth   Ireland  
      Thomas, Jr.   Pennsylvania Shipper, Blue Co.
      Sara   Pennsylvania Wrapper, Blue Co.
      Margaret   Pennsylvania Wrapper, Blue Co.
      Charles   Pennsylvania Operator
      Courtney   Pennsylvania  
      John   Pennsylvania  
    Lyons Joseph Boarder   Laborer, can factory
  126 Cherry Street Sokoendunot(?) John, Jr. Own Germany Clerk
      Anna   Germany  
      Joseph   Pennsylvania policeman
  126 Cherry Street, Rear Smith Harry Rent Germany Carpenter
  124 Cherry Street Anderson Alfred Rent Pennsylvania Rigger
      Elizabeth   Pennsylvania  
    Murphy Thomas   Pennsylvania  
      William   Pennsylvania  
  122 Cherry Street Murphy James J. Rent Ireland Constable
  120 Cherry Street Morford William Rent Pennsylvania Tinsmith
      Margaret   Pennsylvania  
      Cecelia   Pennsylvania  
      John   Pennsylvania Leatherworker
      Louise   Pennsylvania  
      Hellen   Pennsylvania  
      Hogan   Pennsylvania  
    Hemmeck Louise Boarder    
  118 Cherry Street O'Drain Alex Rent Pennsylvania Clerk, order
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Alex, Jr.   Pennsylvania  
      Joseph   Pennsylvania  
  116 Cherry Street Gilder William Rent Ireland Printer
      Anna   Ireland  
      Anna   Pennsylvania  
      Robert   Pennsylvania Laborer
      Robert   Pennsylvania  
  112 Cherry Street Wallace Catherine Own Ireland  
      Mary   Pennsylvania Wrapper, Blue Co.
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      Catherine   Pennsylvania  
    Fordham George T. Boarder    
  110 Cherry Street McKeason Michael Own Ireland Grocery store keeper
      Joseph     Navy Yard worker
7th and Lombard Streets, Ward 5, E.D. 150 501 Lombard Row Battiste Ella Rent Pennsylvania Cleaner
  503 Lombard Row Wynns Thomas Rent England Sailor, steamship
      Gertrude   England Cleaner
      Sone   United States Messenger
  505 Lombard Row 1 Moore Alice Rent Maryland General house
    Payne Clarence Lodger Florida Porter, factory
  505 Lombard Row 2 McDonald Ezekiel Rent Georgia Stevedore, transportation co.
  505 Lombard Row 3 Davis Edward Rent Florida Laborer, coal yard
      Laura   Georgia Housework
      Ruby   Georgia  
  507 Lombard Row Boyer Charles Rent Delaware Laborer, building construction
      Grace   Pennsylvania Domestic
  506 Lombard Row Foster Sadie Rent Pennsylvania Cleaner
      Julius   Delaware Chauffeur
      Ambrose   Delaware  
  508 Lombard Row Shorter Irving Rent Pennsylvania Helper, delivery truck
    Brown Emma   Delaware Laundress
      Fanius   Delaware  
      Buford   Delaware  
  510 Lombard Row Murphy Nathaniel Rent S. Carolina Teamster
  710 Lombard Street Simons Charlotte Rent S. Carolina Laundress
  714 Lombard Street 1 Herd James Rent Virginia Barber
  714 Lombard Street 2 Sutton Arthur Rent Georgia Fireman
      Grace   Florida Waitress
  714 Lombard Street 3 Herd Margaret Rent Georgia Machine operator, cigar factory
Jessup and Irving Streets, Ward 8, E.D. 178 222 Jessup Street Barrett James L. Rent Pennsylvania Janitor, shipyard
      Emma   Maryland Chambermaid, private family
    Andrews Thomas Lodger Georgia Elevator Operator, office building
13th and Pine Streets, Ward 5, E.D. 151 1237 Pine Street Ekam James Rent Virginia Broker, antique shop
      Josephine   Virginia  
2nd and Noble Streets, Ward 10, E.D. 223 514 N. 2nd Street 1 Goldfarb G. Rent Russia Fruit store
      Rachel   Russia  
      Israel   Russia home clerk
      Pauline   Russia  
  514 N. 2nd Street 2 Lang John Rent Hungary Laborer, shipyard
      Sadie   Hungary  
      Mollie   Pennsylvania  
      Isador   Pennsylvania  
      Solomon   Pennsylvania  
      Lillie   Pennsylvania  
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 1 Trusick John Rent Austria Laborer, leather manufacturer
      Mary   Austria  
      Mary   Pennsylvania  
      John   Pennsylvania  
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 2 Kupreanik Gregory Rent Russia Laborer, sugar manufacturer
      Mary   Russia  
      Iguns   Pennsylvania  
    Petro Anna   Pennsylvania Laborer, tile manufacturer
      Samuel   Pennsylvania Laborer, box manufactuer
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 3 Gluchik Stanley Rent Russia Laborer
      Catharine   Austria  
      Joseph   Pennsylvania  
    Gulki George Boarder Russia Laborer
    Dala Stanley Boarder Russia Laborer, Baldwin Co.
    Houboy Alexander Boarder Russia Laborer, shipyard
    Sulinski John Boarder Russia Laborer
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 4 Kattrusik John Rent Austria Laborer, leather manufacturer
      Anna   Austria  
      Charles   Pennsylvania Laborer, leather manufacturer
      Catharine   Pennsylvania  
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 5 Louche Thomas Rent Russia Laborer, Baldwin Co.
      Mary   Poland  
      Micki   Pennsylvania  
      Alexander   Pennsylvania  
    Kowaski Harry Boarder Russia Laborer, shipyard
    Mileski Mike Boarder Russia Laborer, Acme Tire Co. (?)
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 6 Check Katharine Rent Russia  
    Rack George   Austria Weaver
      Anna   Russia  
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 7 Veneko Lucas Rent Russia  
      Rose   Russia  
      Mary   Russia Laborer, lumber co.
      Michael   Russia Laborer, factory
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 8 Kissel Agnes Rent Russia Laborer, carpet co.
      Mary   Pennsylvania Laborer, carpet co.
      John   Pennsylvania  
      Alexander   Pennsylvania  
      Stephen   Pennsylvania Laborer, machine manufacturer
  514 N. 2nd Street, Rear 9 Patroski Marion Rent Poland Laborer, boiler manufactuer
      Anna   Poland  
    Rowaski Joseph Boarder Poland Laborer, oil co.
    Sonoafky Addia(?) Boarder Poland Laborer, Baldwin Co.
    Gergan Philip Boarder Poland Laborer, Baldwin Co.
    Selinski Stanley Boarder Poland Laborer, steel co.
  516 N. 2nd Street 1 Davis Abraham Rent Russia Grocery store keeper
      Sara   Russia  
      Ida   Pennsylvania  
      Clara   Pennsylvania  
      Dora   Pennsylvania  
  516 N. 2nd Street 2 Hytowitz Philip Rent Russia Grocery store 
      Annie   Russia  
      William   Pennsylvania  
  516 N. 2nd Street 3 Sohwitz Lewis Rent Hungary gentleman
      Freda   Hungary  
  210 Buttonwood Street Harrison Frank Rent Pennsylvania Salesman, hosiery(?)
      Catharine   Pennsylvania  
  220 Buttonwood Street Carr John Rent Ireland Laborer
      Sara   Ireland  
      John   Pennsylvania