110-116 Pemberton Street
P. 8513.149  Photographer's manuscript note on verso: Quaint Houses. ________ St. bet 2" and 3".
Wilson incorrectly labels these houses as being between 2nd and 3rd Streets; they are four of the seven brick tenements on Pemberton Street between Front and 2nd Streets, at the rear of 742 S. Front Street. The walls that face Pemberton Street here are inlaid with different colored bricks to spell “GM” for the name of the original client, George Mifflin, and 1748, the date of construction. The site is still named “Workman Place” after the owner of the properties in the early 19th century. (More information on and photographs of these properties can be viewed on the PAB and HABS websites).

The 1920 Census records show that within this courtyard of small tenements lived eight families of Polish, Austrian, and Russian immigrants.


Photograph by author, 2005
E.V. Smith Fire Insurance Atlas, 1917, pl. 3