05-600, Project 2 :

Cathy R.
· Queen Village (Southwark) spaces, evolution.

Amila F., Pam J.:
· 19th c. housing in courts and alleys in Phila

Megan S:
· Shantytowns and Irish immigrants in the Phila cityscape

David O'M.:
· mid-street markets in 19th c. Phila (ppt today)

Ashley CA:
· Boarding houses (and Penn students?) in the 19th c.

John C.
· "Briefs of Title: an Historical Context and Index."

Maria SD, Mandy D, and Alexis C.:
· 19th c. developer E. Burgess Warren

Eldra W
· African Americans in DC alley settings

Ellen CB, Jamie B.:
· Minority Presby churches in S. Phila

Charlene PL
· AME churches in Phila.

Jayne S.
· Delaware Riverfront at Bridesburg as it changed through time.

Christina B., Teresa SD
· Otto Wolf and 19th c. brewery architecture

Alexis S.
· the Chinese Laundry in Philadelphia (wiki)

Amanda BC:
· late 19th c. Phila archtl journal, the Builder & Decorator

Jennie F G:
· late 19th builders' magazine at HSP, Journal of Progress

Adrian S., Patrice F.:
· Wendell & Smith at Overbrook Farms

Gabriella G., Lauren H.
· work of Boyd & Boyd

Nick K.:
· the work of 1920s-30s architect, Ralph Bencker

Reagan B.
· early 20th c. photo collection of G. Mark Wilson, at LCP

Charu C, Annie T.
· the work of post WWII architect, Frank Weise

Fon W., David A.
· work of 20th c. modernist architect Vincent Kling

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