Thinking about a mechanism for member contributions, starting with additional images of well-catalogued places via FlickR:

Contributors could firmly relate their submissions to an established data record for the place with simply a strictly fielded reference, i.e. "AVRN: World 07420"

They could then add just a few more fields that we could devise. I've gone for the moment with
DSCR: description of view.
ISRC: image source.
FTXT: free text terms to associate with place or specific image.

(At the bottom of each I just grabbed the existing concatenation of data in a unfielded way just for temporary ID purposes, but this data about the place itself would ultimately come from a good authoritative record that was referenced.)

So, here's a page of experimental FlickR photosets:

(rather than get new permissions, I've used just images by JC, JK, and fair use).

I believe that one can link via persistent URLs to such a list of sets, as above, to individual sets, and to individual images (experiment).
One could then even make a webpage that linked to the old SAHie list of places alongside new dynamically expanding FlickR sets of groups of member-added images. But rather than conceive of this FlickR entity as as a place of both upload AND persistent access -- since it would lack sophisticated fielded search-mechanisms -- this might be just for upload, for harvesting and integrating into more database-driven repositories (or perhaps they might persist in both places). If for harvesting for integration for primary access by other means, this would involve some degree of our investment in people-time to carry that out. [expert-time investment A]

(I played with this in the open and individually, not worrying about limiting access or downloads or rights or creating a group space that others could contribute to, for now. I believe that the slightly more expensive FlickR subscription might allow better organizational possibilities, but I've yet to try that.)

We could easily make a simple page listing eligible reference sets, along with a syntax for folks to tag to their cataloging. These might range among four broad, overlapping groups of image sets, including:

World Key-Monument Surveys
SAHie [I] [II]

Vernacular Sets
VAG04 (now .xls & images, probably to come via CLiMB)
VAFPA [via Princeton's Almagest]

Landscape History
Catena [Bard]
LAIR [x]

History of Urbanism

other potential ref sets:

SAH Tours
VAF field guides
images from permissible JSAH, other member articles
HABS, other authoritative, db-driven govt lists

The Bigger realm

Of course, the other big realm is of images (and other digital resources) that aren't already in some well-documented reference-set to link to good cataloguing, but images that members would like to nominate for inclusion.

I would still like to encourage a primary focus on places widely taught with, populating this set and dedicating resources to that primarily (rather than taking on some sets of scores of examples of something less widely shared for teaching), at least at this early point). Here we might ask contributors to base their nomination of a place on its projected broader utility to others, and ask them to do their best to fill in a slightly demanding on-line data template.

That submission would then have to be run by our cataloguing experts for a kind of verification and db-syntax check, before being integrated into "our" database(s) -- at some cost in expert human resources involved on our nickel. [expert-time investment B] But if the conditions were such that a community of participating collections cataloguers could search their collections for a suitable matching record to throw in the pool, and those could be married to our data structure, this might not be so onerous.

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