Church and State in Early Virginia:
A Tour of Anglican Parish Churches and County Courthouses

Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA
April 21, 2002

Carl Lounsbury, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


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02cs05. Lower Church, Southwark Parish, Surry County, 1751-54.
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02cs10. Isle of Wight County Courthouse, Smithfield, 1751.
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02cs15. Newport Parish Church (St. Luke's Church), Isle of Wight County, c. 1682.
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Gloucester County Courthouse and Vicinity.
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02cs20. Gloucester County Courthouse (1766).

02cs22. Other Buildings on Courthouse Grounds


02cs25. Christ Church, Lancaster County, c. 1732-1735.
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02cs30. King William County Courthouse, c. 1725.
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02cs35. St. Peter's Church, New Kent County, 1701-03; tower 1739-40.
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