Northern Neck Tour

Vernacular Architecture Forum Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, VA
May 16-17, 2002

Prepared by Mark R. Wenger, Camille Wells, Willie J. Graham, Carl R. Lounsbury, and Edward A. Chappell, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


[medium-size images are approx. 1200 pixels across or 900 tall; those linked to the numbers at left are 600 across or 440 tall. Images open in a second window]

02nnk15. Nelson House, Yorktown, VA, 1729-30, restored 1913, 1968.

02nnk17. Abingdon Parish Church, Gloucester County, VA, 1751-55, 1820s, 1867, 1897, 1986.

02nnk19. Rosewell, Gloucester County, VA, 1726-37, burned 1916.

Gloucester County Courthouse Ground, Gloucester County, VA.
[tour notes].

02cs20. Gloucester County Courthouse, Gloucester County, VA, 1766.

02cs22. Other Buildings on Courthouse Grounds

02cs25. Christ Church, Lancaster County, VA, c. 1732-1735.
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02nnk26. Linden Farm, Richmond County, VA, 1761, 1778, 1803

02nnk28. Mount Airy, Richmond County, VA, 1760-64, burned 1844.

02nnk31. Sabine Hall, Richmond County, VA, 1738-42, 1832.

02nnk34. Blandfield, Essex County, VA, 1769-72, 1843, restored 1983-93.; last rev. = 19 July 02 rcy