1998 Annual Meeting and Tours: Annapolis and the Chesapeake

[FG 1] = Marcia Miller and Orlando Ridout V, eds., Architecture in Annapolis: A Field Guide (Crownsville, MD, 1998).

Chase-Lloyd house, 22 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD, 1769-74 (Mr. Scott, master builder, 1769-71; interiors 1772-74, William Buckland).

Sands house, 130 Prince George St., Annapolis, MD. c. 1739-1904.

Shiplap house,18 Pinkney St., Annapolis, MD, c.1715-1979.

[FG 2] = Michael Bourne, Orlando Ridout V, Paul Touart, Donna Ware, Architecture and Change in the Chesapeake: A Field Tour of the Eastern and Western Shores (Crownsville, MD, 1998).

Pemberton Hall, Isaac Handy house, Salisbury vicinity, MD, 1741 .

William Geddes house, Princess Anne County, MD, c. 1755-56 .

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