Paul Venable Turner
Campus, An American Planning Tradition

originally published in 1984 by the M.I.T. Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England) and the Architectural History Foundation (New York).
an electronic edition

The full text of this book, now out of print, is posted on the Stanford University Libraries website as a resource for general and scholarly interest. It can be accessed from this page both in the increments listed immediately below and as a single large file from the link following those or through the Stanford University Libraries Digital Stacks (

Table of Contents (for download in parts)

Entire book (for download in one large file): [193.6M .pdf]

IMAGE RIGHTS: The author has made extensive efforts to clear electronic rights for all images in this .pdf of the book. If you have concerns regarding a specific image, please contact the author at: Department of Art and Art History, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2018. Revisions of the credits for some of the illustrations are listed in revised image notes [160k .pdf].

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