The Architecture of George T. Pearson, part IV

Works in PA,, 1891-1893

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Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill 1891

store and residence for Frank P. Streeper,

per 1895 CD: druggist
per 1895 & 1900 CD: house no. 8528

8532 Germantown Av.,


Philadelphia, Overbrook  1891 dwelling for C. W. Lynd

City Line Ave. at Bryn Mawr Ave. (24xx CL Ave.)


BDW, 03/1891

BG 01/21/1891

lot at SEC City and BM Ave.empty in 1911 atlas, for Jas. W. Lynd (blt?, dem already?)
Philadelphia, Roxborough 1891

Talmadge Memorial Church

Faith Independent Baptist Church

Pechin St. and Rector St.


photo by K. Haviland, 2006.
PRERBG 09/09/1891 1891 datestone
Bryn Mawr, PA 1891 datestone dwelling, "Arnecliffe," for Collins

719 New Gulph Rd.


AABN, 04/02/1892

E. T. Cooperman, "Bryn Mawr College Building Inventory," Feb. 2002

11/02/1910 (alterations and/or additions for H. H. Collins, BM)

"Liberty" (?),
Pittsburgh, PA
1892 dwelling for for W. S. Guffey   AABN, 10/1892

? rel: PRERBG
04/10/1901, stable for James McClurg Guffey, (1839-1930)
oil baron

& AABN 04/05/1902, re dwelling for JMG

Bethlehem, PA 1892 dwelling for R. Rathbun  

AABN, 12/17/1892

PRERBG 02/03/1892: 3 sty dw of Ohio River brick & tile roof

Bethlehem Area Public Library: [], from Men of Bethlehem, 1918: Robert S. Rathbun, b. September 6, 1869.
"He attended the public schools of Allentown, and was graduated as a civil engineer at Lehigh University in 1892. After leaving College he was employed as an engineer on construction by the Norfolk and Western Railroad in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky; later by the Erie Railroad in Pennsylvania, and in 1894 was elected City Engineer of Allentown, which office he filled for three years. . . . In 1898 Mr. Rathbun married Lillie L., a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Biery, of Allentown, Pa. They have four children: Sarah B., George R., Miriam R., and Edward B., and reside at the Rathbun Farm, located on the Little Lehigh Creek, in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County."
Philadelphia, Overbrook 1891 dwelling for Louisa M. Baugh

59xx City Line Ave.


PRERBG 01/21/91

BDW 01/1891: Mrs. Baugh's house at Overbrook

related to surviving design for Saunders - relation?

Philadelphia, West 1892 (or 1888) new wing for Merciful Savior Hospital 45th & Baltimore PRERBG 05/11/1892 (or 1888 addtn?)

B&D 06/1888

"new building, connected by cloister to Home of Merciful Saviour for Crippled Children"

Philadelphia, Overbrook 1892 dwelling for Walter B. Saunders

1900 CD: Walter, publisher, h Overbrook

59xx City Line Ave.


AABN, 29 Oct. 1892

per NYT, 1916: Mrs. Walter B. Saunders, “Ivy Lodge, Overbrook”

1911 atlas: extant, Frances B. Saunders

per NYTimes, 1916: Mrs. Walter B. Saunders, "Ivy Lodge, Overbrook"

Philadelphia, Germantown major alts., 1893 dwelling for George T. Pearson

125 West Walnut Lane


BG 12/06/1893: "bought property, will make alts after own plans"

record of costs, deeds, at house

1895 CD: home 36 W Walnut Ln., office 427 Walnut
Pennsylvania, Moylan (Media) 1893 dwelling for John Dixon

173 Rose Valley Road


ill. in AABN
Philadelphia, Germantown 1893 dwelling for William T. Tilden

5015 McKean Ave.


AABN, 05/13/1893, ill. ("House at Gtn")  
Ashbourne, PA 1893 major alts. to "Idro," dwelling of John B. Stetson

Old York Road, west sd


PRERBG 04/29/1891

PRERBG 02/11/1893

AABN 02/11/1893

Hotchkin, OYR


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