The Architecture of George T. Pearson, part I

Works in PA, 1880-86

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Philadelphia, Germantown  1880 Unitarian Church, Parish house

Greene & Chelten


M. J. Lewis reports: minutes of the board of trustees (in the current church), May 3, 1880, p. 64. Furness's exterior was described as "objectionable." Bd turned to that of GTP. one of two GTPs taken as FFs
Philadelphia, Germantown 1880-81 rectory for St. Michael's PE Church

244 East High St.




Hotchkin, AMG, 1889, p. 155: "a lot adjoining the church lot was secured by the vestry and an attractive and comfortable rectory built thereon during 1880-1, and occupied by the present rector since April 1881."
Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1881-83

dwelling, "Red Gate" for Frederick J. Kimball

pres of NWRR from 1886-95

3201 West School House Lane


Wells & Hope portfolio. c. 1889

PRERBG 05/02/1887

Building, 10/08/1887

referenced, depicted in Apr. 1884 in Lippincott's Mag., ergo, designed
betw 1881 land purchase and 1883.
Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1881-82?

dwelling for Mrs. Selena Willing

1885 atlas: Mrs. S. W. Willing

51 East Penn St.


Building, 8 Oct. 1887.

owner mentions that it was in Blue Book for 1882

1885 CD: Selena widow Charles, 10 E Penn

Philadelphia, Germantown alts., early 1880s?  alts. for F. S. Kimball 149 West Walnut Ln. eye, 'hood, patronage 1885-1906 atlases: F. S. Kimball = father of F. J. Kimball
Philadelphia, Germantown alts. c. 1881 alts. to dwelling for Elizabeth Pearsall Smith (1825-1914), dau of John J. Smith

45 East Penn St.


eye, assoc. w/ Willing

1885, 1906 atlas: EPS, present footprint.

photo in vestibule shows alts before Willing house built?

Philadelphia, Center City 1882 dwelling for J. Dundas Lippincott

507 South Broad St.


now Unity Mission

AABN 04/22/1882


Philadelphia, Germantown   alts. to two dwellings for Galloway C. Morris.

6200-6204 Morton, at NWC East Tulpehocken St. (double)


AABN 05/13/1882

dwelling alterations


trust this date?
Philadelphia, Germantown 1882 alts. alts to dwelling for Thomas S. Harvey

20 West Tulpehocken St.,


AABN 05/13/1882, listed as res,
stone and brick, 40x74, on Tulpehocken St, $12,000 (but present house = addn to earlier Gothic cottage).

1900 census: Thomas S. Harvey, stockbroker, at 20 Tulpehocken

Pennsylvania, Fernwood 1882 cottage for William B. Bullock

630 Church Lane, corner of Redwood Av.


AABN 10/28/1882  
Pennsylvania, Fernwood 1882 cottage for J. D. Mitchell

620 Church Lane, corner of Redwood Av.


AABN 10/28/1882  
Philadelphia, Germantown 1883-84 Sunday School building for Market Square Presbyterian Church

5505-17 Germantown Ave., at Market Square


now Impacting Your World Christian Center

Gtn Tel: 19 Mar. 1884, reports on plans & specs, 52 x 86, $12-15K.  
Philadelphia, Germantown 1883-84 office for Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Germantown

5521 Germantown Ave.

dem. 1959

Gtn Tel: 7 Nov. 1883, "soon to be erected," "Architect Pearson."

Building, 10/08/1887

Hotchkin AMG

King's Views, p. 54

"Style totally unlike anything we have in Gtn."
Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill 1883-84 dwelling for William H. Potter

Stenton & Gravers La,


Wells & Hope portfolio, c. 1889

Hotchkin, AMG.

insured June 1884.
Mt. Airy
1883-84 Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church

7111 Germantown Ave.


Hotchkin, AMG, p. 357 replaced by larger stone church
Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1883? dwelling

63xx McCallum St., SW corner of Duval (across from 6341)


Bryn Mawr, PA 1884-86 dwelling, "Cartref," for President, Bryn Mawr College

229 North. Merion Ave.


E. T. Cooperman, "Bryn Mawr College Building Inventory," Feb. 2002 "Cartref"
Philadelphia, Germantown 1885
(t. c. plaque)
dwelling 5344 Magnolia St. eye .
Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1885?

dwelling for Charles F. Gummey

1900 CD: lawyer

231 East High St.


drawings at GHS (10 sheets)

later BG, 04/10/1895, but eye

1899 Atlas: Eliz G. Gummey

1895 CD: JM Gummey & Sons real estate

1895 CD: h High n Morton (also there CFM Jr. & George S. Nearby: Mary h 122 High; Charles H h 200 High; Jas McF & Henry R h E Walnut La c Chew)

Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1885 ? cottage for William H. Scott

5329 Wayne Av.,
corner West Penn St.


eye, connection to doc'd client. larger Scott house on Schoolhouse Lane; this for relation?
Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1885  

4957 McKean St., corner Clapier

ext. (barely)

Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1885? dwelling for George T. Pearson?

5222 (5224?) Greene St.



on 1885 atlas, C.Hacker; in 1889, Charles Hacker=approx 4666 Greene=GTP's addr in 1890.

1906 atlas: 5224 Greene= Gordon W. Kitchen

Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1885

dwelling for Edward J. Moore,

now Unitarian Universalist House

224 West Tulpehocken St. PHMC:db 1885-1902 [?]

1895 CD: Edward J. h 5015 Wayne

1899 atlas: EJM here

1900 CD: E J Moore & Co.


Philadelphia, Germantown 1885-86 dwelling for William H. Scott, of Allen, Lane & Scott, printers

168 Schoolhouse Lane, East corner Wayne [c. 5457 Wayne]


Wells & Hope portfolio. c. 1889;


Building, 10/08/1887 PRERBG 07/06/1910.

alts to 1910 by GTP

ill. in Germanopolis, 1908.

Ashbourne, PA c. 1885, GTP; major alts. 1891-92, GTP dwelling for J. B. Stetson

Old York Road, , west side, near Cheltenham Rd.


Wells & Hope portfolio,. c. 1889

Hotchkin, Old York

see also alts., PRERBG 04/29/1891
(alterations and/or additions)

Ashbourne, PA c. 1885-86, major alts. dwelling for H. H. Roelofs

Old York Road, west side.


Wells & Hope portfolio, c. 1889:

Hotchkin, Old York Rd.

attrib to GTP (by appearance, and fact that he was
Stetson's son-in-law, JC)
c. 1885

two dwellings for Edward Isaiah Hacker Howell (mechanical engineer)

1890 CD: h 4636 Germantown Av
1900 CD: h 5218 Germantown Av
1900 census: 5218

5215-17 Greene St.


(old nos. 46xx-4659 Greene.)

signed blueprints at HSP

? PRERBG 06/11/1888 for Hocker, Charles

1885 atlas, 2 wooden buildings w/ diff footprints, site owned by Estate of Isaiah Hacker.

1889: footprint of 4, 2 for Charles Hacker, 1 for Eliz. Hacker, 1 for Rebecca Howell.

1899 atlas: N pair for Rebecca Howell, S pair for Chas. Hacker

1906 atlas: 4 hses w/ central lot and back lot owned by Chas Hacker.

Philadelphia, West 1885-86 Home of the Merciful Saviour

44th-45th & Baltimore


Westcott scrapbooks, 7:71, Aug. 1885.
B&D 06/1888

"new building, connected by cloister to Home of Merciful Saviour for Crippled Children"

PRERBG 05/11/1892 (addtl bldg)

Ground is gift of Clarence H. Clark.

(Protestant Episcopal Church)

chapel datestone, 1886

Philadelphia, Germantown 1886-89 chapel for Wakefield Presbyterian Church

Germantown Av below Fisher’s La.

ext. (ch.), but parish buildings at rear deteriorating.


B&D, 02/1887:
“[GTP] has under way a stone chapel for the Wakefield Presbyterian Church,, to cost $15,000;”

Trustees Minutes, Vol. 1, Presbyterian Hist. Soc.,
3 May 1886: Pearson drew up specifications,
9 April 1888: Report of Building committee states that Pearson drew up the plans

White & Scott book – the Wakefield Presbyterian Church was organized in May 1874 (Francis B. Reeves as ruling elder), a frame building put up in 1874, a “noble church edifice”[J. H. Windrim] erected in 1883, and a “second beautiful chapel” [GTP] completed in 1887.
Philadelphia, Germantown 1886 dwelling for Elizabeth Kay

227 E. High St.


PRERBG 05/10/1886

1899 Atlas,: Eliz Kay

1900 census

Philadelphia, Germantown c. 1886-87

dwelling for William A. Church

treasurer, Penna. RR.

5335 Knox St., corner W. Penn St.



per JMD:
Germantown Guide, 10 Sept 1887:
The transformation of old dwellings has become a modern art, and the skill of a good mechanic does wonders. Recently the cottage of Mr. Church, at Knox and Penn streets, was suddenly converted into a magnificent resident, in fact a castle in its way, and so attractive and indicative of comfort within that it is an object of pleasure to every appreciative passer-by. George W. Baxter did the work for Mr. Church "

 once owned by Phila mayor Robert E. Lamberton (1886-1941)
 Philadelphia, Germantown 1886-87

dwelling for Calvin Pardee


239 West Walnut Ln.


2dy: GTP cited in bio by grandson: Foulke Calvin Pardee (1979)

son of Ario Pardee, founder of Hazleton, coal baron, built railroads to Phila

1890 CD: h Walnut Ln. n Greene
1900 CD: h 239 W Walnut Lane

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