Residence of Nelson Z. Graves

 Page 7, Handsome Houses of Germantown, Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and Pelham
(Phila.: Germantown Independent-Gazette, 1899).

Residence of Nelson Z. Graves Footprint. Adjusted angle to allign with the photograph's perspective.
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Original source from Philadelphia: Page 89, The Most American of All Cities. New York: Moses King, 1900. Print.

This residence house was located at the intersection of Manheim Street and Wissahickon Avenue. Its owner, Nelson Zuinglius Graves, was born around the year 1849 in North Carolina. He was married to Ida J Graves. The home value is about $45,000.

Moses King described the house as follows: "In the midst of six acres of beautiful grounds, in a delightful part of Germantown, stands the substantial home of Nelson Z. Graves, President of N.Z. Graves & Co., one of the largest houses in the United States, manufacturing varnishes, white lead, japans, etc. Finely appointed granite stable, two greenhouses, etc. Adjoining is the Colonial style residence of his son, Ferdinand J. Graves."

Graves was also owner of his own business: N.Z. Graves & Co. Varnish & Japan Factory, located at Tasker Street, S. 20th Street, and Fernon Street, Philadelphia, PA. Earnest Haxamer surveyed this factory in August 28th, 1895. He concluded that the factory made products of chemicals and paint; manufactured varnish and japan; had raw stock of linseed oil, rosin, crude gum, Bezin' turpentine etc.. And he also provided the plan and isometric view of the business. [more]

Factory plan and isometric.
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