Handsome Homes

Residence of John McIlhenny


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Photograph: Handsome Homes (Germantown: Independent-Gazette, 1899), p. 19.



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Description: Stone Structure
Architect: William J. O'Brien
Time: 1887
Address: 220 West Upsal Street, Germantown, Philadelphia

Owner: David McMahon
Occupation: Manager
Work Address: 1339 Cherry Street, Philadelphia (as for 1901)

Changes Made to the House: 1911 by Day Bros. & Klauder; 1912 by Harris & Richards

(Source: Gopsill's Philadelphia Business Directory [James Gopsill, 1901], p. 1568.; Keebler, Patricia Heintzelman, The Life and Work of Frank Miles Day, Thesis [Ph.D.] - University of Delaware, 1981 , p. 483, #129; Philadelphia Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, v. 27, n. 46, p. 736 [11/13/1912])

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The lot was owned by McIlhenny but there was no structure built there.



The main structure and back building had been constructed. It is unclear whether the building form and driveway were the same as those shown in the photograph when they were originally built due to the fair quality of the atlas.



The building shape matched with that in the photograph, and there was driveways connecting the two buildings with main streets.

(Bromley & Bromley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1889 pl 12; 1895 pl 36; 1899 pl 12.)

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