Handsome Homes

Residence of Calvin Pardee


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Photograph: Handsome Homes (Germantown: Independent-Gazette, 1899), p. 20.



Home Information

The Architecture of George T. Pearson, part I (Visit the Source)

Description: Stone structure with frame, and with brick and framed addition and stable/shed; a driveway at the north west side of the house

Architect: George T. Pearson

Time: Built in 1886-1887

Address: 239 West Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia

Owner: Calvin Pardee

(Source: The Architecture of George T. Person, Part I; Gopsill's Philadelphia Business Directory [James Gopsill, 1901], p. 2408.)

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Home Map

The structures and driveways did not change between 1889 and 1899.




(Bromley & Bromley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1889 pl 11; 1895 pl 36; 1899 pl 11.)

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About the Owner

Name: Calvin Pardee (Jul. 17, 1841 ~ Mar. 18, 1923)

Spouse: Mary Bryne Pardee

Children: Estelle, Alice, Calvin, Alfred, Ario, Ellie (who died in childhood), Olive, Howard, and Helen

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Occupation: Glendon Iron Company (owned by his father); A. Pardee & Co. (owned by his father); Pardee Brothers Company

Important Family Relation: Son of Ario Pardee (anthracite coal entrepreneur; founder of A. Pardee & Co.)


For a Complete Story of Calvin Pardee's Life: Wikipedia; Calvin Pardee - Biographical Sketch (Lafayette College)

More to Read: Calvin Pardee, 1841-1923: His Family and His Enterprises

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Household Snapshot of 1900 - who were in Pardee's family in 1900

Red - female; blue - male; pink - servant; age in parentheses

(United State Census, 1900, FamilySearch)

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