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Residence of Jesse A. Tilge


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Photograph: Handsome Homes (Germantown: Independent-Gazette, 1899), p. 19.

Photograph: Handsome Homes (Germantown: Independent-Gazette, 1899), p. 19.



Home Information

The Architecture of George T. Pearson, part II (Visit the Source)

Description: Stone structure with frame, a backyard, and a driveway at the east side of the house

Architect: George T. Pearson

Time: Built in 1887

Address: 221 West Upsal, Germantown, Philadelphia

Owner: Jesse A. Tilge

(Source: The Architecture of George T. Person, Part II; Gopsill's Philadelphia Business Directory [James Gopsill, 1901], p. 2408.)

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Home Map


The lot was already owned by Tilges. The build consisted of the stone main structure and frame.



It seems that the building was not drawn in propotion, and the frame was not shown in the atlas.



Comparing with 1899, a corner at the back of the main structure was demolished and the shape became concave.

(Bromley & Bromley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1889 pl 12; 1895 pl 36; 1899 pl 12.)

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About the Owner

Name: Jesse A. Tilge (May 13, 1835 ~ August 4, 1915)

Spouse: Mary Tutton Tilge (August 18, 1835 ~ August 4, 1915)

Education: America, Switherland

Occupation: President of the Hatters' Fur Exchange of New York

Important Family Relation: Son of Henry Tilge (Founder of Henry Tilge & Co.)


The Obituary Notice that Tells Tilge's Life story

(The American Hatter, Volume 45, p. 92)

The Gravestone of The Tilge's Family

(Ellen Johnson, Find A Grave)

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Household Snapshot of 1900 - who were in Tilge's family in 1900

Red - female; blue - male; pink - servant; age in parentheses

(United State Census, 1900, FamilySearch)

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