Handsome Homes

Residence of David McMahon


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Photograph: Handsome Homes (Germantown: Independent-Gazette, 1899), p. 19.



Home Information

Description: Stone Structure
Architect: William J. O'Brien
Time: 1887
Address: 600 East Chelten Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia
Owner: David McMahon
Occupation: Contractor

(Source: Philadelphia RealEstate Record and Builders' Guide, p. 66 [4/26/1939]; Gopsill's Philadelphia Business Directory [James Gopsill, 1901], p. 1587.)

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Home Map


The lot was owned by Chas. Spencer Estate rather than McMahon. There was no building on the land.



The lot was owned by McMahon, and the structure had been built up (in 1887).



Not only did McMahon kept possessing the ownership of the lot and had more units constructed there, he also possess a land just across the street.

(Bromley & Bromley, Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 1889 pl 14; 1895 pl 37; 1899 pl 14.)

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Household Snapshot of 1900 - who were in McMahon's family in 1900

Red - female; blue - male; pink - servant; age in parentheses

(United State Census, 1900, FamilySearch)

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