George Wagner House, 128 West Tulpehocken Street

This is an 1899 photo of the Wagner House , and an aligned atlas image from 1899, showing the footprint of the Wagner Home.

This is a larger view of the Wagner Home and its surrounding context, shown in an 1899 atlas image.

The 1900 directory lists George Wagner being employed as the president of Northwood Cemetery. The PAB does not list the exact construction or architect of the house, but it estimates the date of construction of this block as around 1860, and the footprint of the house is visibile in an 1871 atlas of the area, which is the earliest record that is available.

The home is still there today. Following is an image from Google Street View that shows a nearly identical view of the house as it appeared in "Handsome Homes" in 1899.


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Christopher Bechen, last updated 18 March 2017