Peirce House, 149 West Tulpehocken Street

An image of the Peirce House from 1899 "Handsome Homes," and a corresponding 1899 atlas image.

An 1899 atlas image of the Peirce House, showing the context of the area. This image is aligned to the north.

Similiar to the Wagner House, the construction date of the Peirce House is unkown, but predates 1871 as that is the first atlas which shows the Germantown area, and contains the Peirce House. The PAB estimates construction of this block at around 1860.

Harold Peirce is shown in the 1900 directory as being a general agent of the New York Life Insurance Company. The building was later known as the Seltzer Residence, as noted by the PAB, which lists additions and alterations to the house in 1934-1935 by Edmund Beaman Gilchrist.

The house still currently stands today. Below, it is shown on Google Street View, however, trees block much of the facade. The distinctive front bay windows of the house can just be made out, confirming that is it still there.


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Christopher Bechen, last updated 18 March 2017