Trump Residence, 6655 McCallum Street

This is an 1899 Photo of the Trump House and an 1899 Atlas Image of the same house, aligned to the photograph and showing the house's footprint.

This is another atlas image from 1899, showing the context of the Trump house. This image is aligned to the north.

The Trump residence is a comparatively newer building to the others in Handsome Homes. It did not appear in the 1889 atlas, so its construction was likely sometime between 1889 and 1899. The 1900 city directory lists Charles Trump as being president of the Philadelphia Stove and Iron Foundry Company as well as the Novelty Electric Company.

It is unclear when the Trump Residence was demolished, but images from Google Street view show that today, an apartment building occupies the place where the house once stood.


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Christopher Bechen, last updated 18 March 2017