Residence of Walter M. Gorham, Wissahickon Avenue, above Chelten Avenue

5714 Wissahickon Avenue


Home of Ed. N. Wright in
                                                                                                   Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, Volume 7, 22nd Ward, Plate 10, 1889

The residence of Walter M. Gorham was tough to find in the atlases of Germantown and Philadelphia. From the description of the address in Handsome Homes, I expected Mr. Gorham's residence to be where Mr. Ed. N. Wright is pictured, however Mr. Gorham lives on the other side of Wissahickon Avenue in the 21st Ward.

The true residence of Walter M. Gorham can be found at the top of the above image at 5714 Wissahickon Avenue. Homes like Mr. Gorham's are considered flagpole lots, and that is part of the reason it was so hard to find. The long driveway that leads to the home keeps the residence hidden. The above image has a date range from 1916-1929.

Walter M. Gorham was married to Anna B. Senat, daughter of Louis Duval Senat, a prominent figure in mercantile circles in Philadelphia in the first half of the 19th century.

In a 1920 Swarthmore College Bulletin, proof of Gorham's residence in Germantown, PA with Anna B. Senat, a member of the Swarthmore community along with her father.

In a 1911 Philadelphia Social Register, the same can be seen.

In an Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, (Volume 12, 21st Ward, Plate 14, 1892), the same flagpole lot belonging to Walter M. Gorham can be seen along with a lot belonging to Cecelia A. Senat, who must have been family of his wife, Anna.


Walter M. Gorham's residence is now the Valley Greene Apartments, and the flagpole nature of the lot has been withheld all these years. The residence of Ed. N. Wright which I had mistaken as that of Gorham's in the 22nd Ward is now the Hathaway House Apartments above Chelten Avenue.

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