The images on this site are posted primarily for the benefit of students, teachers, and researchers. They are meant exclusively for non-profit educational use. Visitors to the site are invited to view and otherwise use these images, but there are restrictions to reuses that can be construed as republication, whether on paper, digitally on the web, or in other forms.

These restrictions vary, depending on the source of the images.

A (OC). Images that have been scanned directly from books or periodicals published before 1924:

The sources from which these images have been scanned are considered to be out of copyright, according to US law, and may be reused without permissions. Neither this project nor the repositories holding the original publication assert any right to these images or our scans of them. We would, however, encourage users to credit the original source in any republication.

B (PC). Images from public collections:

These digital images come from websites of collections that make them available for public use and reuse with no further permissions required. Again, we would encourage users to credit the original source in any republication.

C (CP). Images whose creators or repositories have permitted them to appear on this website, but which will require specific permissions from those creators or repositories for digital or print republication:

These digital images are derived from photographs and drawings whose holders, rightsholders, or creators have given this project explicit permission to post these images, to which they may have a copyright. This accounts for most of those here. These images may not be reused without further permission obtained directly from those rightsholders. Email addresses are provided below.

D (RE). Images from open collections, with images that are either in the public domain or whose creators encourage their broad reuse, sharing, and republication, under only modest constraints:

This refers principally to images from the website "Art Images for College Teaching," developed by Allan T. Kohl at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. The AICT license is spelled out here: []

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A list of image creators, providers, contacts, and/or designees:

A. MacNeal; B. Heigh; Bing/Harrington; D. Anderson; G. Luxenberg; G. Orth; Heckendorn; J. Nicolais; L. Falk; M. Brack; T. Gensheimer; M. Brack; H. Eiteljorg II, C.S.A.; J. Sidener; R. Ennis Drexel University
Contact: M. Brack []
J. Cohen, G. Vaux, T. Rusnak, R. Ellis Bryn Mawr College
Contact: J. Cohen []
M. Clausen;  D. C. Waugh; D. L. Cox; L. Schnellinger;  M. L. Hu;  P. E. Harding;  R. Kasaba;  R. Zawaideh; G. Reed;   J. Nilsson; M. Domoto;  V. Prakash;  N. Johnston; E. Webb; M. Duff-Silverman; M. Hart; M. Rogers; M. Thorson; R. Silverman University of Washington
Cities/Buildings Archive
Contact: Meredith Clausen [ ]
G. L. Catchen Pennsylvania State University
Deutschlands Architektur
Contact: G. L. Catchen []
C. A.Westfall University of Virginia
Images of Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Contact: C. A. Westfall []
A. T. Kohl, AICT
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Contact: Allan T. Kohl, AICT []
F. Muirhead Contact: Fraser Muirhead []
M. A. Sullivan Bluffton College
Digital Imaging Project: Architecture and Sculpture
Contact: Mary Ann Sullivan []
P. Behrens; D. Freedman; S. Ziegler Community College of Philadelphia
Contact: Paula Behrens []
J. Howe Boston College
Digital Archive of European Architecture
Contact: Jeffery Howe []
K. Cohen San Jose State University
The Image Project
Contact: Kathleen R. Cohen []
D. Brownlee; D. Robb; P. Serenyi; R. C. Smith; R. Venturi; G. Thomas University of Pennsylvania
Fisher Fine Arts Library Image Collection and
Architectural Archives
Contact: []
 D. Breiner Philadelphia University
Contact: []
 D. Stillman University of Delaware
Contact: Damie Stillman [Damie.Stillman@MVS.UDEL.EDU]
 E. C. Robison Kent State University
Contact: []
 J. Randall Cotton Preservation Alliance, Greater Philadelphia []
 P. Scott Cornell University
Contact: []
 R. W. Longstreth George Washington University
Contact: []
 E. B. Wilkens Rutgers University, New Jersey
Edward B. Wilkens Collection
Contact: Donald W. Beetham []

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