Inverted Processions: Urban Street-views as procession back-drops


• The Coronation Procession of King Edward VI, 1547, showing London’s Cheapside,
recorded in a 1780s watercolor by Samuel H. Grimm. (London, Society of Antiquaries).

• Detail of “Robins’s Panoramic representation of the Queen’s royal progress through the city of London,
on the 9th November, 1837,” published by Joseph Robins and C. Tilt (London, 1838).


• Jean Le Pautre, "Sub urbii Septentrionalis Pars vulgo Norr Malm," [event 1660 Karl X Gustav?],
hand-colored copper engraving, 31x 456 cm, 1661 (Stockholms stadsmuseum, Inventarienummer SSM14821) [] [1/12th of whole]


• "Solenne Ingresso seguita nella Citta Milano . . . , 1739


• "Erbhuldigung der Erzherzogin Maria Theria von Osterreich in Wien am 22. November 1740"
[Patrimonial homage of Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria in Vienna on 22 November 1740],
copper engraving by A. Altomonte and A. Muller, Vienna, 1740. (German Historical Museum, Zeughaus, Berlin).

The Hague

• Fourth plate from S. Kokke after P. C. la Fargue, “De lijkstatie van Prinses Anna van Hannover,”
1761 (Haags Gemeentearchief, inv. no. kl. B 3987).