07.19.92 Bronx Zoo, Bronx Heins & Lafarge/ A. Phimister Proctor/ Wallace Harrison08.02.92 "the oldest photo of New York City" --

03.22.92 e Bronx Coliseum, Bronx (1926/1928) -- Error: The word "coliseum" was inexplicably inserted in two passages.John Molitor/ Louis Kahn/ Frank W. Skinner

07.24.88 Bronx Courthouse, nwc 161st St. & Third Avenue, Bronx (1914) Michael J. Garvin/ Oscar Bluemner

04.08.90 L, c Bronx Borough Hall, Bronx (1897) George B. Post/ Louis Risse Error: The cost of restoring the stairway is $175,000; the $711,000 figure covers a larger project.

10.24.93 Yankee Stadium, Bronx (1923/1975) Osborn Engineering

01.16.94 Conservatory, Bronx Botanical Garden (1900) - re-restoration Lord & Burnham/ Edward L. Barnes/ Beyer Blinder Belle/ Ove Arup

05.08.94 Bronx Terminal Market, Bronx (1935) Samuel Oxhandler/ John D. Churchill/ Albert W. Lewis

08.18.91 e Bank of United States, Bronx (1921) Louis Allan Abramson Error: The story incorrectly refers to the "Bank of the United States".

10.15.89 e 8th Coastal Armory, Bronx (1917) Pilcher & Tachau Error: Laurie Beckelman is head of the Landmarks Conservancy, not the Landmarks Commission.

02.04.90 e Harlem Line Railroad Stations, Bronx (1908) Cass Gilbert Error: The President of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Historical and Technical Association is Walter Drummond, not Wayne Drummond. Also, the year of the Record & Guide quote is 1908, not 1918

09.20.87 St. Ann's Church, Morrisania, Bronx (1841) --

07.15.90 L, c Morrisania Hospital, Bronx (1929) Charles B. Meyers Correction: Although press accounts identify the first patient as 5 year old Michael O'Brien, he wrote in and said his name was William O'Brien.

02.16.92 Cashman Laundry, 350 Gerard Avenue, Bronx (1932) Cory & Cory/ Thomas Gibson

06.07.92 Q&A: Zabriskie house, Bronx (1859) --

09.13.92 American Bank Note, Hunts Point, Bronx (1911) Kirby, Pettit & Green

09.27.92 Hall of Fame, Bronx (1901) - questionable cleaning of bronze statues McKim, Mead & White/ William A. Hall

03.07.93 Q&A: "George Washington slept here?", 1773 Sedgewick, Bronx (1880'S) -

12.20.98 Keeper's House, Williamsbridge Reservoir, northeast corner of Reservoir Oval East and Putnam Place (1890) George W. Birdsall

01.08.89 Woodycrest Avenue, Bronx (1902) William B. Tuthill/ Pier, Fine/ Donald Sclare

03.24.96 Gould Memorial Library, NYU, Bronx (1899) Stanford White/ Marcel Breuer

06.02.96 Q&A: Banana Kelly buildings, 912-944 Kelly Street, Bronx (1909) James F. Meehan

02.02.92 Pelham Bay Park - feature article --

04.04.99 Grand Concourse (1890s/1920s) Herbert Lilien/ Horace Ginsbern/ C. P. & Rene Graves